How do I render PDF to a bitmap with a non-uniform aspect ratio?

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Jan 10, 2013, 5:26:28 PM1/10/13
Q:  How do I render PDF to a bitmap with a non-uniform aspect ratio?
Our solution is to render the PDF to FixedPage and render it directory to WPF's DrawingContext. Ideally your API would provide a PDFDraw.GetFixedPage(pageindex) method, but your latest version does not have that feature. The only way we can currently get a FixedPage is to convert PDF to XPS (pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToXps()).
A:  With PDFDraw you can rasterize with non-uniform resolutions by setting ‘preserve aspect ratio’ in SetImageSize() to false. For example:

double dpi1 = 100, double dpi2 = 300,

draw.SetImageSize(dpi1 * 72,  dpi2 * 72,  false);


the last parameter sets the ‘preserve aspect ratio’ to false.
Alternatively you could use PDFRasterize and render to a given bitmap with a custom affine matrix. This gives you more power (e.g. you can skew & rotate the page) but is a bit more tricky to use than PDFDraw.SetImageSize().
We could also expose a method to get a FixedPage, but there is no point since above method is more efficent and produces better output (since conversion from PDF to FixedPage could be lossy).
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