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Nigger Democrat 'Gorilla Glue girl' Tessica Brown used Goof Off to cut ponytail

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Mar 4, 2021, 10:06:21 PM3/4/21

Tessica Brown reportedly chopped off her ponytail using the
product Goof Off to soften the Gorilla Glue that left her hair a
sticky mess.

Sources told TMZ that the Louisiana woman worked on her hair
with the help of a friend for four hours this week to at least
remove the ponytail, which the superglue remover made gooey
enough to cut off with scissors.

Meanwhile, Brown plans to leave Wednesday to see a surgeon for
professional medical help.

TMZ has reported that a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon had
offered up his help free of charge.

Dr. Michael Obeng told Brown he could fix her hair using medical-
grade glue remover in a procedure that could take three days.

The procedure is estimated to cost $12,500, but Obeng has
offered to do it for free, according to TMZ.

It was unclear if Obeng is the surgeon Brown was referring to in
an Instagram post.

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