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Nov 5, 2023, 10:05:20 PM11/5/23

PCH Randos

Some of you may know me from PCH Randos rides that I have done in the past or if you joined me on San Diego rides.

I am writing to ask you to vote for Dave Thompson and Dawn Piech in the RUSA election. My endorsement of each is based on my experience in serving with both Dave and Dawn on the Board. I am supporting both not on their election promises but their actual performance.

Dave has served many roles for RUSA, all exemplary. Prior to being President for 3 years Dave served as Treasurer. In addition he has managed the souvenir store. He is on the permanents committee with, among others, Kerin. He was instrumental in the implementation of Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP) by obtaining the approval of the ACP for the use of the technology.

During Dave’s term on the Board RUSA was faced with the lawsuit arising from a tragic incident in Texas. A lawsuit that threatened RUSA not only for the incurred litigation expenses but also from the inability to obtain insurance for future events. After much work Dave was able to obtain insurance enabling RUSA to continue sanctioning events. Dave has continued as a liaison with our insurer and submitting the requisite monthly reports even this past year when he was no longer a Board member.

This past year Dave has resumed serving as the Treasurer even though he is no longer on the Board. As noted the lawsuit had a significant impact on RUSA financially. Through policies enacted during Dave’s term on the Board RUSA was able to not only survive the lawsuit but also strengthen its finances so that the rider fee that was charged to the RBAs was eliminated.

For myself Dave’s biggest contribution to RUSA was, and will be, his leadership. Dave was always the calm guiding force using his common sense on issues. He guided the Board through our monthly meetings especially when there were differing opinions. He then made sure that each Board member carried out their responsibilities.

Dawn deserves another 3 year term on the Board. In reading the other candidates statements they state they want to expand RUSA’s communications with members. Dawn has been doing just that for the last 3 years. Between Controls, the monthly e-newsletter we receive, not only is it Dawn’s idea but she composes each edition and gets it sent to each of us. Dawn has also expanded RUSAs social media presence with Facebook and Instagram. Recently she is working, with another member, on the creation of a RUSA YouTube channel that will include the 5 RUSA videos created to market RUSA to non-members. You may have seen those videos based on the emails Dawn has posted on the RUSA Google Group.

Other candidates mention making RUSA more inclusive. Once again this has been a major focus for Dawn that she has acted on. She founded International Women’s Day Together We Ride seeking to have more female bicyclists in conjunction with RUSA events scheduled that week.

In addition to serving as RUSA’s Vice-President this past year, Dawn has served on the gravel committee increasing the type of events for members.

Dawn deserves another 3 years so she can continue her good work.

Thank you for your time in considering this email.

Tim Sullivan

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