Bobbi Fisher Memorial

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Sep 29, 2023, 11:10:55 PM9/29/23
to PCH Randos
Sadly to write the passing of Bobbi Fisher in August.  She was the first RBA for PCH Randonneurs   She also rode and volunteered for San Diego Randonneur, Ocotillo control on that cold 400 K to Calexico, (wonder if those who bought leather jacket at the casino still have them)

The Los Angeles Wheelmen plan a Memorial on October 29 for her at Lindberg Park, Culver City from noon till 3. Details will be found on their web site. She was Vice President and chaired the 50th Anniversary Grand Tour.

The LAW would appreciate any photos and stories about Bobbi as she was very active in the ultra distance bicycling.  If you wish to attend, please send notice in advance.
Rides will be offered.  Check web site for info.

I plan to ride a 100 K Permanent which starts nearby, also close to Metro Rail E line.  RUSA Route number 2942, LA Beach Bike Path 100K.  If you wish to join me, register on the RUSA site.  I will be starting at 7 AM.  You can also use the ride for Coffeeneuring credit.  If you do not know what that is, you have not been reading your 'Between Controls'

Thank you for your time.  Happy safe Randonneuring,
David Nakai 
RUSA #373

Extra add on...
As I was searching for material, came across a poem.  As the Memorial is weekend before Halloween and it mentions a bike ride Bobbi created for the LAW which is held when her birthday falls on a Sunday.

Norman Bates is back out on his cycle
Carving up people along with Halloween's Michael
I am not really sure if I like to
Be the one riding in between
Those two on Halloween
Jason is in attendance though it's not Friday night
The spooks spoke about seeing a ghost bike
Chucky says it child's play pedaling on a trike
You know what it means
When all the kooks and crazies show on Halloween
Freddy is ready slicing his way up Elm Street
Pinhead is spinning to a heavy metal beat
As zombies are out looking for fresh meat
This must be a nightmare as it ain't a dream
Gets kind of scary riding on Halloween
It's just like a big bicycling monster mash
Almost as fun as Bobbi's birthday beach bash
But on this ride you know there's going to be a crash
Expect a crunched lung and busted spleen
When you go riding with this bunch on Halloween
The wolfman made his appearance out to scare
He was born with that natural bicycling hair
We weren't sure if the invisible man was there
We saw his bike so he might have been
Along getting fresh air on this Halloween
The headless horseman came unattached
Ran over some thorns and got a flat
Fixed the tube with a pumpkin patch
Now don't start cursing, let's keep it clean
There's a lot of kids around on Halloween
Caught up to the Creature from the Black Lagoon
As we slowly crept up Kanan Doom
He was with his mummy playing 'Name that Tomb'
You know it had to be some wild scene
That's the way we like to do it on Halloween
Boris ate his Franks while on his Klein
Drac also had a bite, a bloody good time
The Blob filled its tubes with green slime
Getting a flat can cause someone to get mean
And angry is never a part of Halloween
The witches on brooms ride at black cat velocity
No cauldron them lacking in high intensity
This is like Thriller without the choreography
Expect to hear plenty of screams
Yeah it does get noisy on Halloween
The phantom of the opera came without his mask
Was that an ogre that past by fast
He does not need to ride as he has plenty of gas
From eating lots of broccoli and beans
It gets ghastly stinky on Halloween
A skeleton from the closet is picking a bone
The devil you say best left to ride alone
There will be idle hands when we all get done
Be it a blue dress or tight fitting jeans
Come clothed appropriate on Halloween
On his sharp sickle rides the grim reaper
From graves crawl rotted corpses, jeepers creepers
It would be a sin to be a sound sleeper
It is rightfully frightful, yet kind of keen
When you pee in your pants on Halloween
Better be riding like a bat out of hell
Is that you coffin because you are ill
There's a cemetery where people are just dying to fill
I've completed lucky verse number thirteen
Definitely time to end this poem of Halloween
Riding tonight you have nothing to fear
It's what comes natural to a Randonneur
Just look forward and keep closed ears
You might see your partner turning green
When you go bicycling on Halloween

Oct 21, 2023, 9:42:46 PM10/21/23
to PCH Randos
Good day all,

If you plan on attending the Memorial, you will need to RSVP

Hit the Bobbi Fisher Memorial Ride tab.  Then follow instructions.

Hope to see many of her bicycling friends there.

Happy safe randonneuring,

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