Spectral renderer crashing on GPU

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Curtis Johnson

Nov 15, 2022, 11:43:46 AM11/15/22
to pbrt
I can open this as a github issue too but I'm thinking this is just user error. Also forgive me I'm not super familiar with C++.

I want to use PBRT to model atomic emission from fusion plasmas so I want to use the spectral renderer. I can get the scenes in "pbrt-v4-volumes" to render using a gpu. These scenes are all RGB. I can get a test case spectral scene I made to render using the CPU but when I try the same scene with a GPU I get a core dump.

When I build it  debug mode both CPU and GPU spectral renders crash so I not sure the output is meaningful? Is there an example of a known working gpu spectral renderer? All of the examples I've seen are RGB.



Matt Pharr

Nov 15, 2022, 11:46:10 AM11/15/22
to pb...@googlegroups.com
If the renderer crashes, it’s definitely a bug! Could you file a repro case in a bug report?

I’ve rendered plenty of spectral stuff with the GPU and haven’t seen any problems with it, though presumably you’re doing something that happens to hit a path that isn’t working.


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