Sustainability & Transportation Committee's goal setting workshop for 2023- 1/11 at 5:30

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Winston Lumpkins

Jan 4, 2023, 6:00:23 PMJan 4
Hi folks,

Tonight at the City Council meeting Councilor Zarro invited members of the Portland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee to attend the Sustainability & Transportation Committee's goal setting workshop on Wednesday, January 11th at 5:30.  Councillor Zarro also said there is significant overlap between the S&T committee's priorities for the year ahead and our own priorities for 2023

This will be an ideal opportunity to work together to help the Sustainability & Transportation Committee accomplish the goals we share, indeed, there is a good chance we'll support much of their agenda.  It's my hope that this could be the beginning of a very productive year for both our Committee's & the city of Portland's transition away for the brutal transportation choices made in the 70's... 

Addressing some of the arterials, such as Franklin Street and High/State Streets may be on the agenda!  I know some of our members are very passionate about that! 

The Sustainability & Transportation Committee is made up of Councilor Zarro, who is the chair, and Councilors Pelletier &  Rodriguez.  There is a high chance that if they take any of our priorities up, they will end up before the whole council.

I will update this thread with the zoom link & agenda once they become available.  There is a small possibility that it could be a hybrid meeting, but participation remotely should be possible either way.  This link will probably be populated with that information eventually:

Thanks everyone,

Keep the rubber side down,


Winston Lumpkins IV (he/him/his)

Chair, Portland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Winston Lumpkins

Jan 9, 2023, 1:33:37 PMJan 9
The Sustainability & Transportation Committee has published their Agenda for their Goal Setting workshop for 2023!

It can be found here.
It will be held over zoom at 5:30 on Wednesday, 1/11 at 5:30. The link is in the agenda, accessible via the above link. 

It looks like a fairly packed agenda, with a few things prior to the goal setting workshop.  I However think it will all be very interesting, and I plan to attend the whole meeting.

They plan to accept in person public comments on their goals for the coming year.  If there is one of our priorities (  that you'd love to see them tackle, and are prepared to show up to a council meeting sometime in the coming year if they bring it before the council & advocate for it's passage by the council, you could plan to show up attend their meeting on Wednesday evening and make a short comment in support of that specific priority. 

Alternatively, you could send a brief email in support of a specific priority or all the priorities to the Sustainability & Transportation Committee, if you send by Noon on Tuesday (tomorrow!) it will be included in their agenda! 

Subject: S&T Committee Goal Setting for 2023
Email sent to:,, &

Sample email:
Dear Chair Zarro & members of the Sustainability & Transportation Committee,
I'm ___name___ ______ a member of the Portland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee. 
You should all know that I personally support all their goals and I think you should in particularly tackle the thorny issue of bicycle facility disappearance in Portland's intersections. 
I plan to support you in that should you take it up, and will advocate for the full council to support any intuitive which would help improve out dangerous intersections.

___name__ _____
Address or neighborhood
Portland, Maine

Thanks everyone! 


Winston Lumpkins IV (he/him/his)

Chair, Portland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee


Jan 11, 2023, 5:20:50 PMJan 11
to Portland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Although it does say 5:30 at the agenda center, the S&T meeting has started.

At 5:19, they're going over the progress made through the one climate future plan. 
Following this is the "Rail Use Advisory Committee Discussion and Policy Recommendation"
Which will probably take a few minutes, so 5:30 is surely still a good time to log on if you're just interested in the discussion about the Sustainability & Transportation Committee's goals for 2023. 

The Sustainability & Transportation Committee is a Portland City council committee made up of 3 councilors, Councilor Zarro is the Chair. 
Policy that the council might vote on regarding transportation should go through this committee, at least that's how the council currently likes to legislate.
For more information see:
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