Keep Europe’s War Against Cars Out Of America - Unintentional Parody

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Stephen Houdlette

Jul 28, 2022, 6:35:37 AMJul 28
Mileage may vary, but Forbes isn't at the top of my list for outstanding journalism and yet this one takes the low bar to a new level (you can guess the direction)...

...but this sort of rock solid logical construction permeates the piece. Here is the reddit takedown where I found it and here is a really quite well produced live stream of the city square in question offering serene view after view of rebuttal.

I bring this to PBPAC because,

(1) In this age of clickbait>pavlovian reinforcement of what I already believe, it can be useful to have some of the more extravagantly facile examples for deconstruction. If we want to understand people who don't value pedestrian environments this is 101 for how they perceive their own arguments and what they think 'really works'.

(2) The strange quiet of Covid lockdown offered a unique break from vehicle emissions and social distancing prompted some rethinking of shared spaces and treatment for certain land uses. As we rapidly re-normalize it's important to remember that there are other viable 'normals' and that the opportunity to push back against traditional  local assumptions about urban design is still ripe.

(3) I really liked the Viewsurf video application (they are all over the place) and I think pictures/visuals in general are much more compelling than other types of arguments, like this wall of text ;>. I've seen the Monument Square feed used during Christmas and it seems like the tip of an iceberg fully realized by Viewsurf. If we're going to have a surveillance state, we should also use all that video rhetorical grist for the pedestrian oriented mill. I don't have the technical chops to put something like that together, but I wonder if someone on here does?

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