Next PBPAC meeting- Monday, January 9th at 7PM on zoom

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Winston Lumpkins

Jan 2, 2023, 6:20:18 PMJan 2
Dear Members of the Portland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee,

Our next meeting will be on Monday, January 9th at 7-8:30 PM. 

As usual, we'll be meeting over Zoom:

Google doc Agenda

Draft Agenda:

Introductions & call to order

  1. Approval of November Meeting Minutes Updated Draft Minutes


  1. Driver education/re-testing Subcommittee

 Google group: Subcommittee meeting

Google group: Original discussion. The subcommittee will need a few members!  Do you have thoughts on how we could improve driver education in Maine?  This is the Subcommittee for you!!

Unfinished Business

  1. Deering Ave/Woodfords Corner Walk Audit
    Google group discussion

  2. Sidewalk Snow Plow pressure campaign. 
    Google group Discussion 

New business

  1. Renewed Bicycle & Pedestrian coordinator letter? 

Let me know if there's anything anyone would like added to the Agenda, let me know! 
Replying to this thread or emailing me directly are both great ways!

I usually look at the google group while making these Agendas, so, if you've got something you think should be addressed, bringing it up on the group by sending an email to or hitting the "new conversation" button in the left hand corner of the forum view ( is a good way to get something into the agenda, especially if it generates a lot of discussion.  It's great to have a thread for discussing an agenda item ahead of time to see what list members might already know about it!  

See everyone next Monday,


Winston Lumpkins IV (he/him/his)

Chair, Portland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee


Jan 6, 2023, 6:36:23 PMJan 6
to Portland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
This month it looks like it might be a fairly quick meeting, starting at 7 & hopefully adjourning before 8:30.  Might make it a good first meeting for folks who've been thinking about joining the committee! 

You're always welcome to just come to the beginning of the meeting, or take a peak at the agenda & just drop in for the thing you're interested in. 

We'll be meeting over Zoom:

Google doc Agenda


Jan 9, 2023, 1:49:09 PMJan 9
to Portland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
I've made a few changes to the Agenda, excited for the meeting tonight!

John Clark

Jan 9, 2023, 9:47:21 PMJan 9
to Portland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Thanks everyone for attending tonight! We had 16 attendees, the most I've seen at a general meeting in a very long time. Looking forward to a great year of bike/ped advocacy!
The meeting minutes are attached, as well as linked here:

I've underlined advocacy items in the minutes, as there's some important meetings and events coming up where we could use all the voices we can get! I've also summed them up below:

Sustainability & Transportation Committee - Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 5:30 PM (Meeting Info & Zoom Link)
The committee will be discussing their priorities for 2023, and have included our committee's priorities document in their meeting packet. Councilor Zarro has encouraged all members to attend, as there will be public comment. Additionally, written comment will be accepted by the committee as well. Pick one (or a few) of the priorities you are most passionate about and let your councilor and the S&T Committee know! Winston has provided some more information and created some great templates for reaching out to your councilor, which can be found here.

Planning Board - Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 5 PM (Meeting Info & Zoom Link)
The Planning Board will be holding a workshop discussing the site plans of the latest Portland Co. development on Fore Street between Munjoy South and Atlantic Street. As part of this development, sidewalk and curb rebuilding will be required, and can possibly be made to include a climbing bike lane up Fore Street (the "steepest part of the most gradual way up Munjoy Hill.") Given this is the workshop of the site plan, now is the time to have our input heard so the developers have time to revise plans if necessary! The committee has submitted a brief letter which provides great insight into our asks and should provide some good material for public comment. (Letter and Discussion) As many brief public comments in support of the idea as we can get are appreciated! Additionally, there is a neighborhood meeting being held at East End Community School on Wednesday, Jan. 11 regarding the development. I do not have the details of that meeting, but would encourage any interested neighbors to attend and give comment there as well!

Deering Ave. Walk Audit - Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 4:30 PM (Listserv Discussion)
PBPAC will be holding our next walk audit along Deering Ave, an important street that touches many neighborhoods and council districts. Residents in the Oakdale section of Deering Ave have reached out to the committee with speeding and safety concerns, especially regarding children getting to and from school on foot or by bicycle. We will be meeting at Dunkin at 544 Deering Ave at 4:30 PM on the 25th. From there, we will walk the length of Deering Ave from Woodford's Corner to Noyes Street, where neighbors have graciously offered refreshments and a place to convene and discuss our findings before drafting a report to send to city officials. We encourage anyone who can make it to attend! 

Stay tuned, as we will be publishing a "Get Involved" page as well as a calendar on our website so all of the committee's advocacy efforts and needs can be found in one place!

John Clark (he | him | his)
PBPAC 1.9.23 Minutes.pdf
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