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Ryan Cuprak

Sep 3, 2021, 6:36:50 PM9/3/21
to Payara Forum
I have a couple of questions about the Security panel (Domain > Configurations > server-config > Security). Note, I am using a JDBC Realm with "Default Principal to Role Mapping enabled. 
- Does Payara actually check the default principal/password I provide? I made a typo in the field and there was no message that anything was wrong. The default principal was set to the invalid name that didn't exist in the database. 
- Does Payara pull back the groups for the default principal? I don't think it is querying the table as in code I don't see any role is set with checking the EJB session context (correct principal is set but there is no role).

Another question related to realms, on the JDBC Realm, what is the "Assign Groups" field used for?

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