Tests failing with migration from glassfish to payara

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Marcus Stöckel

Aug 23, 2021, 2:27:24 AM8/23/21
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I currently try to migrate a project from glassfish to payara. With that, the test cases using EJBContainer are not running anymore.  The first error I get is that gf-client-module.jar is missing. If I provide it manually I then get the error, that gf-client.jar is missing (and so on).
I got this after I exchanged glassfish-embedded-all with paraya-embedded-all (5.2021.2) in my maven poms. I also found, that the missing files are located in payara-client jar, which I added as dependency in the pom file. This seems not to be enough. Has anybody an idea what is missing here?
Thanks in advance, Marcus

Marcus Stöckel

Aug 27, 2021, 7:25:44 AM8/27/21
to Payara Forum
As I do not need gf-client at all for my tests, I found setting the property org.glassfish.ejb.embedded.skip-client-modules to true works for me.
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