PFS Module: Masks of the Living God 5/13 + 5/20 9am-1pm (GMT-05)

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Erich D.

May 9, 2018, 5:11:46 PM5/9/18
to Pathfinder Society Online Collective

May 13th and May 20th

Character levels 2-4

Written by Jason Bulmahn

Razmir the Living God used his power to conquer an entire country; now he and his mask-wearing priests enforce peace and generosity—though some say their tools are intimidation and fear. His worshipers preach charity and self-worth, blaming rival faiths for crafting lies about the glories of the Living God. Now the cult has come to the city of Tamran, feeding the poor and promising happiness to those who serve Razmir. Yet ugly rumors persist of bribery, extortion, and strange disappearances associated with the new temple. Are these stories just gossip and lies spread by rival faiths? Or is the church of the Living God more than it seems?

Note that this is a module that will grant 3 xp and 4 prestige upon completion but will take place over two game session of 3-4 hours each.  Remember to sign-up for both sessions to secure your place. 

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