Sequence Listing Software still requires manual validation

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Jul 15, 2022, 4:54:42 PMJul 15
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From a WIPO official today:



I should point out that this does not mean that the listing gets generated without any feature tables at all.  Rather, most individual sequences in a listing will have their associated feature table, but one or more sequences may have the feature table missing.  So it’s not sufficient to look at the XML, see a feature table in SEQ ID 1 and say “oh, I’m OK”.  You really want to do the proper validation.


2.  The latest release is v.2.1.1.  That was released on Wednesday to deal with a problem concerning non-latin characters and still contains the problem that Carl refers to.  But it’s worth upgrading anyway if you’re going to generate a sequence listing in the next week or so.  Even though you need to do the additional validation check, 2.1.1 is the best version currently available.  Don’t feel safe if you’re using v.2.0.0 – that was superseded by v.2.1.0 before the standard came into practical use.  The fact that the bug is reported for 2.1.0 and .1 does not mean that it isn’t present in 2.0.0, just that it’s not been identified.


3.  For performance reasons, we can’t yet provide a full validation at the time of upload of a sequence listing into ePCT, but we are introducing a change to check which version of WIPO Sequence was used to create the listing and provide warnings in 2 flavours to encourage you to upgrade:  (i) you’re not using the latest version of WIPO Sequence;  or (ii) you’re using a version of WIPO Sequence with a known serious bug.  Each should give a link to further information.  That should be available soon.


4.  We’ve had some filings by people using WIPO Sequence v.1.x – You should definitely upgrade from that since it was built to deliver against an old version of the standard and some of the content rules have changed for the version of the standard that is required in live use.



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