Pat-gensio 0.4, Pat with built-in AX.25

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Corey Minyard

Jun 12, 2022, 9:06:02 PMJun 12
to pat-users
No functional changes, but some bug fixes.

It fixes a crash and an issue with connecting to some non-compliant stacks.

A special thanks to Rick, KK4GGL, for helping me with some issues.  He was quite patient and helpful.

I also played around connecting to fldigi and using different modes.

If you download and use this, please give feedback, positive or negative, here.

This is a version of Pat with built-in AX25 support, so you don't have to go through the buggy and hard to set up Linux kernel driver.  It also works on Windows.  It should work on Mac and BSD, too, though I don't have binaries for those.  If anyone would wish to provide binaries, that would be great.

You can also cancel a connection before the initial connect is done, which had been an annoyance to me.

You can download the binaries, as before, from

It currently has a separate configuration area in the configuration file.  It will be added for you if you haven't use Pat before, but if you already have a Pat configuration, you will need to add:

  "gax25": {
    "gensio": "kiss,tcp,localhost,8001",
    "beacon": {
      "every": 3600,
      "message": "Winlink P2P",
      "destination": "IDENT"

right after the end of the "ax25" section.  But either way, "localhost" is the location of the modem (like direwolf, I've also tried soundmodem on Windows) and 8001 is the TCP port of the modem.  The defaults work for direwolf default on the local machine.

The build works similar to a normal Pat build if you want to build it yourself.  Go to and scroll to near the bottom  under the "Pat with native AX.25" label.  This will give instructions on how to build it.

-corey - AE5KM


Jun 13, 2022, 7:28:20 AMJun 13
to pat-users
For the first time I tested using an attached text file. I am not an ARES member and have no idea how the forms are routed, so I just used a text file. All went fine.

For others info: I am using Opensuse Linux 15.3. I have set up a bash script that launches direwolf, pat in terminals  and firefox, opening the pat page.

Jul 20, 2022, 5:54:40 PMJul 20
to pat-users
Used the windows build of PAT on my windows laptop and connected to DIREWOLF running on a pi that's on my local network.  Good work Corey!
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