Pi 4 , Vara HF and Pat ...something broke....

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Jeffrey Messikian

Aug 21, 2022, 9:26:51 PMAug 21
to pat-users
I recently updated my build a pi install and broke something shortly after that.  

Here is what happens...

I run flrig to connect to my icom 705. Flrig is able to see and control my radio.

I then run Pat and go to the web page.  I select vara hf and try and pick a frequency .  There is no control over my radio from the web page.

Had I selected ardop, I could select a frequency and go from there in the web page.  no so with vara

When I select vara hf or vara fm there is no longer control over the radio.  I do note that the vara hf client is started in wine listens to audio.   no frequency change

in the pat configure file... what should the vara hf and vara fm entries look like?
Should they be in all caps "VARA HF" or does case matter?
 I  assume that they should look like the ardop entry as far as rig control goes?

How does vara hf control the model  , what is its config file?

Jeff N1JEM

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