Newbie: Responses to requests come to internet email address?

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Kevin Zembower

Apr 29, 2022, 10:03:18 AMApr 29
Hello, all,

I've just started to use Pat-Winlink this week, so the answer to my
question may be easy and simple.

All the responses to the messages I've successfully sent via HF
(Position reports, requests for weather and propagation information,
etc) have come to me at the internet address I used to register with
Winlink ( None of them have been returned to me via
HF to my Pat-Winlink inbox.

Is this the way that Winlink is supposed to work? I'm guessing not, as
Winlink is popular with sailors and mariners who don't have access to
the internet. Is there a setting I should use to get returns over-the-air?

Thanks for your help and advice.


Kevin Zembower

Apr 29, 2022, 10:36:22 AMApr 29
to Don VA7QU Poaps,
Hi, Don, thank for replying.

I have these entries for email at


PW Recovery e-mail:
Alternate (temporary forwarding) e-mail:

Just to be sure, are you saying that I have to delete the "Alternate
(temporary forwarding) e-mail: " address?

After some further searching on the internet, I thought I'd have to add
'' to my whitelist. Is this done automatically?

Thanks, again, for your help.


On 4/29/22 10:28, Don VA7QU Poaps wrote:
> You have Winlink forwarding to your home ISP. You need to log into
> <> into your account and remove
> the email setup for forwarding.
> There maybe away with Pat Winlink. I only know Winlink program or online.
> 73
> *Don Poaps
> New Westminster, BC
> *Winlink:
> Subject://wl2k *
> ALLSTAR  530780
> Hamshack Hotline
> 5971
> Mid-Island Phone Mesh
> 2210
> 2232
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