Pat v0.13.0 released

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Aug 20, 2022, 4:49:58 PMAug 20
to pat-users
Pat v0.13.0 has been released, and binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows
are available at

* Add support for VARAHF and VARAFM
* Add support for setting the ARDOP ARQ bandwidth when dialing a connection
* Include linux/arm64 deb package in releases
* Remove support for WINMOR TNCs
* Add generic support for dial cancellation
* Implement dial cancellation for `ax25://` and `telnet://`
* Improved non-interactive CLI compose command
* Improved shutdown behavior
* Improved FBB protocol compatibility with BPQ Mail
* Minor improvements and bug fixes to the PACTOR and serial-tnc transports
* Add a build system and package management for the Web GUI

For more details, see milestones/v0.13.0 and compare/v0.12.1...v0.13.0.

Many thanks to Chris Keller (K0SWE) for all the hard work implementing support for VARA, and for his continued involvement in the project.

NOTE: As of v0.12.0 we're migrating to the XDG Base Directory
for storing configuration files, messages and more. Upon first execution of
version >= v0.12.1, existing installations will be migrated automatically.

73 de LA5NTA/Martin
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