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KB9MTD - Aaron Webb

Aug 28, 2022, 8:00:35 PMAug 28
to pat-users

I've been wanting to write this email to maybe help another out. This is a reply to Jason's video promoting useful features in Pat. His video if you desire to watch it first is here.

What I've written is a real world use of this feature that I had previously made using Gmail but they soon closed the ability to send email from 3rd party individuals and since the emails ceased.

What is required is the Pat service to be running and configured properly. It's stupid simple but can totally be used on any feature that you would like similar to this. In my case I wanted the current solar flux index and my current ip address emailed to me at a 3 hour interval. If you open the Bash script you will find how it's done. I've attached the script in this post. To run it, change it  by adding your email in the script in the area labeled. Then run it in the console with the command 

bash winlinkemailscript

Please see the attached script,
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