raspberry-ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish 22.04 pat-winlink locks up on transmit

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William Tracy

May 4, 2022, 4:46:59 PMMay 4
to pat-users
I've installed raspberry-ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish LTS 22.04 and compiled hamlib, ardopc, pat, ARDOP_GUI, js8call, wsjtx, trustedqsl, fldigi, flrig, and vocapgui on it.

The Gridtracker arm64.deb installs and works on raspberry-ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish 22.04

But when I start up pat-winlink with rigctld, ardopc and pat, the transmit locks up.

I downloaded ardopc source code from TeensyProject and compiled it.
I downloaded pat source code from https://github.com/la5nta/pat.git

Did the fix for Rpi Bullseye get applied to the TeensyProject download?

I'm wondering if my raspberry ubuntu 22.04 problem is the same as the bullseye problem.

I also had to sudo apt remove brltty to get /dev/ttyUSB0 to work for my FT232 Serial (UART) cable to Elecraft KX2.

pat-winlink lockes up on transmit with both the KX2 and IC-705, on raspberry-ubuntu 22.04.

But it doesn't lock up on raspberry-ubuntu focal 20.04, and it's up-to-date on apt updates/full-upgrades.

Something else that's different is I can't kill ardopc with pkill, or kill or killall.  I have to use kill -9 proccessID to kill it.

It locks up on the first PTT message to the radio.  I need help. I don't know what else to do.

Input peaks = -1374, 901
Input peaks = -858, 951
Input peaks = -849, 891
Input peaks = -922, 1014
Input peaks = -1632, 1798
Host Control Session Connected
Host Data Session Connected
[Command Trace FROM host: INITIALIZE
 Command Trace TO Host BUFFER 0
 Command Trace TO Host INITIALIZE
[Command Trace FROM host: STATE
 Command Trace TO Host STATE DISC
[Command Trace FROM host: PROTOCOLMODE ARQ
 Command Trace TO Host PROTOCOLMODE now ARQ
[Command Trace FROM host: ARQTIMEOUT 90
 Command Trace TO Host ARQTIMEOUT now 90
[Command Trace FROM host: LISTEN FALSE
 Command Trace TO Host LISTEN now FALSE
[Command Trace FROM host: MYCALL WI0K
 Command Trace TO Host MYCALL now WI0K
[Command Trace FROM host: GRIDSQUARE DM79PS
 Command Trace TO Host GRIDSQUARE now DM79PS
[Command Trace FROM host: ARQBW 500MAX
 Command Trace TO Host ARQBW now 500MAX
[Command Trace FROM host: CWID TRUE
 Command Trace TO Host CWID now TRUE
[Command Trace FROM host: VERSION
 Command Trace TO Host VERSION ARDOP TNC_1.0.4.1j-BPQ
[Command Trace FROM host: ARQCALL KD0SFY 10
 Command Trace TO Host ARQCALL KD0SFY 10
 Command Trace TO Host NEWSTATE ISS
[SendARQConnectRequest] strMycall=WI0K  strTargetCall=KD0SFY bytPendingSessionID=95
Sending Frame Type ConReq500M

Chris Keller

May 4, 2022, 10:10:35 PMMay 4
to William Tracy, pat-users
There was a recent problem with ardopc, see this thread. There was a change in the linux kernel that apparently took away one of ardopc's low-level interrupts, and thus it would start to PTT and never stop. It's possible you have an old copy of ardopc's source that's susceptible to this bug.

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