Need very basic guidance on what to put in config.json for radio control

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Jun 18, 2022, 12:17:11 PMJun 18
to pat-users
Brand new to pat. Not brand new to Winlink, VARA or hamlib.

I've got 0.12.1 installed and basic configuration done. Web page loads fine.

I want this to work with VARA, which is installed and working fine with Winlink Express.

In config.json I see

"hamlib_rigs": {}

and in the vara section

"rig": "",

I assume these both need some entries to make rig control work, but I can find zero guidance anywhere on how to set this up.

For reference my hamlib radio type is:

2048 FlexRadio/ANAN PowerSDR/Thetis 20210605.0 Stable RIG_MODEL_POWERSDR

and I want to use the Hamlib TCP/IP method on


Benjamin Seidenberg

Jun 19, 2022, 12:07:43 PMJun 19
to pat-users are the instructions you were looking for.

The rigs is a map of named entries, so you define your rig with whatever you want (below, I'll use "flex_rig") and then you tell the vara section which key to look up. So:

  "hamlib_rigs": {
    "flex_rig": {"address": "localhost:1881", "network": "tcp"}
"vara": {
    "ptt_ctrl": true,
    "rig": "flex_rig"
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