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Shu Lin

Apr 28, 2013, 3:09:07 AM4/28/13
I basically identified it is a paste parsing ini file problem since if I put below into code, things start working:

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)


But, we can see, in the ini file, I have set log level at least to INFO level for every module.

What's the problem of ini file parsing? How to debug it?

Thanks a lot,

On Thursday, April 25, 2013 9:57:24 PM UTC-7, Shu Lin wrote:


The debug log doesn't work for dependent libraries suddenly. The log still works for the main project, in this case, it is "crossbow_py". But, not for sqlalchemy anymore. What's wrong with my configuration? Below is my development.ini.

Thanks a lot,




use = egg:crossbow_py

reload_templates = true

debug_authorization = true

debug_notfound = false

debug_routematch = false

debug_templates = false

default_locale_name = en

jinja2.directories = crossbow_py:templates

pyramid.includes =




debugtoolbar.hosts =

sqlalchemy.url = sqlite:///%(here)s/crossbow.sqlite

session.type = cookie

session.key = crossbow

session.encrypt_key = mysecretencryptionkey

session.validate_key = mysecretvalidationkey

session.cookie_on_exception = true


use = egg:pyramid#wsgiref

host =

port = 8080

# Begin logging configuration


keys = root, crossbow_py, sqlalchemy


keys = console, filelog


keys = generic


level = INFO

handlers = console, filelog


level = DEBUG

handlers = 

qualname = crossbow_py


level = INFO

handlers =

qualname = sqlalchemy.engine

# "level = INFO" logs SQL queries.

# "level = DEBUG" logs SQL queries and results.

# "level = WARN" logs neither.  (Recommended for production systems.)


class = StreamHandler

args = (sys.stderr,)

level = NOTSET

formatter = generic


class = FileHandler

args = ('%(here)s/crossbow.log','a')

level = NOTSET

formatter = generic


format = %(asctime)s %(levelname)-5.5s [%(name)s][%(threadName)s] %(message)s

# End logging configuration

Taavi Burns

Apr 28, 2013, 7:13:57 AM4/28/13
to Shu Lin,
If you're having issues with log messages and levels etc, I highly recommend Brandon Rhodes' logging_tree module:

Python's logging is a complex beast; there are talks on it at every PyCon I've been at.

Good luck!

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Shu Lin

Apr 30, 2013, 2:17:56 AM4/30/13
to, Shu Lin

The logging tree really helps on understanding of the log. Now, I know the logging is really a beast.

Thanks a lot,
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