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Welcome!  To the Battle of Our Age!
If you believe that corporations do not have constitutional rights in the State of Massachusetts and you want to help make sure that the courts do not afford such rights, then you are in the right place!
This is the ANNOUNCEMENT-ONLY list for the PassMassAmendment ballot initiative to amend the State Constitution based on
"Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech".
There is also an ACTIVE DISCUSSION LIST for PETITIONERS committed to gathering 90,000 signatures from 9/18 to 11/20.  To get on that MORE ACTIVE list: 
If you want to help organize or petition in your region, please contact us at for information.
Either way, whether you want to do a LOT of petition, or just a little, there will be a way to download the petition form so you and your friends can sign and/or get your neighbors to sign.