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Darin Gordon

Sep 19, 2016, 4:36:53 PM9/19/16
to passlib-users
Hey Eli

I authored the Yosai security framework, which uses passlib for cryptographic hashing and password verification.  I was about to write an integration to support time-based one time passwords for Yosai but fortunately checked whether you were working on something related to that for Passlib 1.7.  I would rather not write yet another TOTP library.  Instead, if interested, I'd like to help contribute to your project.

How can I be of service?  I'm available immediately to help.


Eli Collins

Sep 21, 2016, 3:21:25 PM9/21/16
to passlib-users

Hi Darin!

I usually try to be more responsive than this, but I'm currently caught up in a flurry of work-related activity getting ready for a product update, and it's threatening to take up my whole week.

As soon as the air clears on that, I'm hoping to do a big push on getting Passlib 1.7 out the door (I was planning on doing that back in July... and not sure where the time went!)

The offer to help is great! Good news -- the code is pretty close to complete already.  The main thing two things that need doing are 1) writing tutorial on how to use the new TOTP code (might not be easy to delegate, I just need to buckle down and do it); and 2) have the code get some real-world beta testing outside of my own software.

I'm going to make myself start in on the tutorial later this week; but there's already some rough api documentation (  If you wanted to go ahead and check out a copy of the passlib default branch, and start trying to integrate it into your codebase,  I'll love feedback on the design, as well as any bug reports/fixes. 

I know integration might not be that easy without a tutorial explaining how all the bits fit together -- but the "passlib.totp.TOTP" class is a good place to start. The ".to_uri()" method can be used to generate something suitable for qrcode, the ".consume()" method handles verifying tokens on the server side, and ".from_json" / ".to_json" handle serializing the server-side state of the TOTP object between uses.

Let me know if you have any questions, etc!

P.S. - I appear to have some uncommitted bits that change the totp API around a little bit, which I'll try to get committed by tomorrow.

P.S. #2 - One small bit that isn't quite done in the TOTP code is server-side estimation of the client's clock skew.  I've got *something* implemented, but it could use improving.  If you happened to know of a good algorithm that'd be great -- or a good set of realworld (timestamp, token skew) data pairs that I have the unittests chew on.

- Eli

Darin Gordon

Sep 21, 2016, 3:51:37 PM9/21/16
I've got some experience under my belt with regards to project page, documentation, tutorials, and presentations--  if you have a second, take a look at what I've thus far created for Yosai:

With that given, I can help with tutorials and demos.  I've gotten support from the Nitrokey team and can demonstrate OTP using the nitrokey pro.  Of course, Google Authenticator is another device for demo.

Hopefully I'm not underestimating this but I don't think that an elaborate test plan is needed or necessary for beta testing.  Nitrokey open sourced all of its projects and they feature mostly c++ libraries, but could be used for reference perhaps if you wanted to compare sha1 or whatever.

Should we continue discussion in this forum or take somewhere else-- bitbucket , email, irc?

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