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Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:53:46 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
AFSC hosts conference calls each month, except during the summer, entitled, "Calls for Spirited Action." These typically happen on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30PM PST.

I have not found an easy visible link on the AFSC website for the Spirited Action Calls, although searching for "Spirited Action Calls" will take you to this page:

It contains links to a call schedule, recordings of earlier calls, and a summary of the subjects they have addressed.

Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:54:47 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
AFSC Call for Spirited Action
September 22, 2016
5:30PM PST
Quaker Social Change Ministry

Call led by Lucy Duncan and Greg Elliott. 

This began with Denver's Jan Piper; she gave a presentation at Corporate Meeting a couple years ago about a Denver Interfaith Unitarian minister's work. AFSC had created resources about how to do activism, and assumed meetings would know how to use them. It seemed more was needed. This model, which is drawn from Parker Palmer's Circle of Trust - the origin for Denver UU model, focuses on those most impacted by injustice, building relationships with them, and being led by their experiences.

There were 5 Meetings that used the model in the pilot year; North Meadow Friends Meeting, Red Cedar in Lansing, Beacon Hill in Boston, one in Philadelphia, and another in North Carolina. Of the participants, 91% would recommend it for others. It is a model for the long haul, not as much for a single action or event. It is relationship-focused. To avoid burnout, we work with spirit at the center of the work.

Lucy Duncan described the format: 
Each meeting time begins with centering, and then reading their "covenant."
This is set of agreements about what the group is striving for as community; there are several examples in the manual, some from Parker Palmer. This sets the tone for what you're doing together and is developed early on in the stage of forming the group, helping determine what to do to be strong as spiritual community.

Then there is centering worship, followed by brief check-ins.
Then the group shares a broadly interpreted spiritual practice together.
This can be anything you can all do together to get into different spiritual space;
like guided meditation, art, chanting, or singing. Members can share others with each other. It allows them to connect with Spirit in intentional way.

Then there is time for "story telling" - ideally focusing on sharing of the struggles as you actually act; hopefully about an action, preparing for an action, or work with organization you're working with. For example, in Denver a woman shared her experience of accompanying an undocumented immigrant, trying to be open to the woman instead of imposing her own agenda.

This is followed by Worship at end of this hour, and sets the stage for business. If you have a lot of business you should worship longer.

Participants testified how much deeper their connections were, and how the energy of the group changed.

Early on, AFSC saw itself doing relief work, for the first half of its existence.
Then it learned the necessity of following the lead of the communities it had been working in, seeking to learn the root causes of injustice in issues like Black lives matter and immigrant rights.

A common question is "how do we do this social change?" AFSC has learned some lessons. A helpful approach is to ask, "How we can become part of movement that is already underway?"
It recommends finding organizations near your monthly meeting that are working on the issues. Those near AFSC offices can work with these offices.

What organizations, coalitions, faith-based organizations are already doing work we're led to support? This approach seeks accompaniment - to find organizations that are led by those most impacted by the issue, rather than seeking to impose our approach upon them. 
Often there is already a lot of knowledge in your group to draw on; depending on who's in your group, often some have experienced the issues you're working on. That will help determine your relationship to the organization you're accompanying.

It's helpful to honor who's in the room in your small group, and also who's impacted by the issue. "Those closest to problem are closest to the solution"
Our activism is arising from our own leading; listening to and being guided by those most impacted by the problem is key to this approach. There's something deeply humble about stepping back and really listening to those most impacted by the movement.
For example, being at Standing Rock listening to their experiences. It's important that movement be led by them. This releases some of the energy of trying to figure out, "what do we do?" 

AFSC recently endorsed Black Lives Matter, and encourages other meetings to as well.
Underneath this work is restoring that relationship with beloved community; weaving together of the fabric of the alternatives we are trying to see in the world.

Trying to create right relationship, bridging these gaps with those impacted by Systemic injustice. 

The term "model" sounds like it's from a sociological study. Our meeting isn't near many of the groups we're working to support. 
A: Regina Renee in Denver, a "Person of Color" I often hear a similar question: "Our meeting is primarily white and middle class so what can we do?" There are people of color in your meeting. Having something like this format and structure, as a person of color, encourages me to participate more rather than having others choose direction for me. Leading the change by hearing my needs.

"Model" is only a framework. With this approach, change is led by those impacted. This way of doing it is a big paradigm shift that reclaims spirit and humility. It really energized many of groups using it.

Timeline: There is a time frame for enrolling the next groups.
We're really interested in meetings near AFSC offices where program staff is ready to partner with you, and are trying to figure out how to partner with those not near AFSC offices.

Greg is leaving AFSC next Friday to follow a spiritual leading of his own; we're waiting to find a new Friends Relation Coordinator.

How to have this conversation, to form a group?
We have materials for that, a curriculum, and some guidance in getting together as a community. In January the program will begin.

Im' excited for future of Quaker Social Change ministry. Email me directly - those who've RSVP'd to this call will receive materials and interest form. You can still register and RSVP after the call is over. 
Resources are available at:
If you're just getting started, we have fall and winter to start the process now,
then begin work together as a group in the winter.

AFSC: What challenges issues are you facing as you think about starting a group at your meeting?

Q: Kathy French from Pima meeting: 
Takes meeting so long to agree to do something like this... can it be a committee decision?

Yes, a way for smaller groups w/in mtg to address issues mass incarceration, immigration, etc - then people will join in. Often helpful to have blessing of Peace and Social Concerns. Often meetings are excited to be led by a smaller groups. 

You don't have to wait for the whole Meeting. Find people interested in trying this out.

The manual is a beautiful thing that Greg has built out; it includes things you can delve into as group, getting ready to participate in January. You can gather your group and not wait for your whole Meeting.

Carol Diamond Pima Mtg: 
We have 4-5 areas of social action interests in our meeting; must it be related to one action or can 4-5 different areas be accommodated?

Ideally you would have a QSCM on each one of those, but in Denver, a group we saw was working on different things, but came together and used this spiritual practice model to reflect together. The Central Philadelphia MM was also working on different things but came together as a group. If individual groups for each concern isn't practical, then work together.

Q: Lake Forest attender:
So, not each person working on an individual issue?

This is about relationships. The thing that's really powerful is that you do this together. There was an original vision, since 2011; what if we had 100 meetings or small committed groups working on mass incarceration? And 100 groups working on immigrant rights? What would happen if we had that? Quakers tend to be really committed when they get behind something.

Q: Lake Forest: 
Is there a minimum size to work as a group?

As small as 4, although that would be small. The pilot groups tended to be 6-7 really committed participants. The 5-12 range works, but with larger groups, it often helps to split them up. 

This is not meant to be your Meeting's sum total social change work.
It's a once a month container; meeting each week is possible, but not necessary.

Practice rotated among people?

Yes, a foundational principle is that you share the work. Sometimes some people do more than others. We carry this together

Could it be a way for people interested in a whole lot of things to look around their community and see what populations are already organized? We don't have AFSC office nearby.

Exactly, right. There are a lot of different ways you can focus. If someone has a concern, or sometimes you're already working together. Sometimes this reinvigorates efforts.

Final thoughts & Follow up on that: 
If you don't know concerns for you, it's an opportunity to get to know your community.

Next call:
3rd Thursday in October 2016
Topic: Vision for Black Lives
Invite your yearly and monthly meetings to sign on to that.

What would you suggest we read or consult?
Will send email with info on where to find resources

2 page brief introduction on that page
and a whole manual 

Or email Greg or his successor at:

Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:54:59 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
October's Call for Spirited Action was a discussion of AFSC's 100th Anniversary activities and their Peaceworks website, The "Black Lives Matter" call has been moved to November. 
People are invited to share their experiences working for or with AFSC there. My understanding is that you need to register and create an easy account there to submit your story. 

November's Call to Spirited Action will take place on November 17th, 2016 from 5:30-6:30PM PST. 
"Quakers working to help manifest the Vision for Black Lives"
Call in: 866-740-1260 and enter access code 2419995#

Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:55:27 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
AFSC's "call for spirited action" didn't happen in November after all, but they rescheduled for December 1st concerning Standing Rock. 

There is also another call later in December, the 15th, regarding congregations offering immigrant sanctuary.

Several of my friends travelled to Standing Rock earlier this month and reported seeing a 13 year old girl get shot three times by the frightening military presence which is attacking peaceful protesters while continuing construction on a project that was ordered to stop until environmental impact reports were completed, but hasn't. Trump has investments in the project, which is yet another conflict of interest between his policy decisions and financial interests. (On the positive side, these were earlier reported to be between $500K-$1 million, and apparently he's reduced his investment in the project). Many people are closing accounts with banks that have supported the pipeline, and both SCQM and OGMM bank with Wells Fargo, which is one of the banks in question. I don't want to create more work for our treasurers, but a move might be worth discussion. I have heard that one or two European banks pulled out of the project in response to customer protest. - Arthur 

Each call will be held from 8:30-9:30pm ET. You can join by dialing 866-740-1260
and entering access code 2419995#.

Upcoming Calls
December 1st: Standing up for Standing Rock: Have you been in touch with the news of the growing, resilient resistance of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as they protect their burial grounds, sacred sites and the water from the Dakota Access Pipeline? In September, AFSC sent a delegation of six people who spent four days listening to Tribe leaders and water protectors. That trip resulted in a report and action recommendations. On December 1st Friends Relations will host a call with Jamie Bissonette Lewey, Abenaki, who will share her experience as part of this delegation, provide an update on the situation at Standing Rock, and offer suggestions for how those who wish to support this historic stand for the health of the planet can do so. 

December 15: How to prepare your congregation to offer sanctuary to immigrants.

Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:55:51 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
January 12th, 2017: 

Sanctuary Everywhere: 

From interrupting street harrassment to offering sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, we will explore ways to resist hate crimes, police brutality, anti-immigrant sentiment, Islamophobia and other forms of oppression on the streets and beyond. Presentation with Lori Khamala and Jennifer Piper.

Here are some excerpts from my notes of the call. The recorded call is linked in the following bulletin board reply as well.
Jenn Piper how to find help? 
I'm happy to talk to people - (phone & email below)

Twitter Hashtags:


There is also a Google Group 

Q: Are there groups we might need to be careful of, that have a hidden agenda, or putting others at risk? Is there a list to avoid? 
A: Great suggestion; we don't have that yet. 

Lori : AFSC has "Mixed Messages" report on Violent extremism in media and Islamophobia:


We want to focus on solutions that don't rely on law enforcement.
Partners in Muslim community are working hard to build relationships with law agencies, so hard to keep them separate.

Want to create policies that don't help one community not others

Q: I Was AFSC active 40 yrs ago: Underground railroad networks during Vietnam war
Anything that you say on email, website, phone, etc. is vulnerable to surveillance
and puts people at risk if correspondence is carried out that way; meet in person

Friend in Delaware Q: Map Potawatami alliance made hub; can be put on that map

Working with Prayer camps at Pilgrim Pipeline, similar to Standing Rock, not as famous
Mahwah NJ Indian Land

Sanctuary Camp out doors, no building on it, like a prayer camp?

Interested in building courage in those affected to accompany the fearful and build courage
A: QSCM is probably a step beyond this, but helpful framework for building courage

Denver AFSC has resources on their website
Confronting one community's fear of another community

Friend in Greensboro Q: Something like Occupy 
Combining non-violent training with intervention 
People being shocked at election 

Doing training for non-violent activism
Non-violent direct action training
and NV DA accompaniment training

Jenn Piper
720 439 4409
(note: I'm not sure if these are both correct or one is mis-typed)

Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:56:27 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
Notes from AFSC Standing Rock Call for Spirited Action ... nding-rock

Report from Jaime
Healing Justice New England 
Healing and Transformative Justice

Board of AFSC Brown-AFSC Healing Justice 
Reparation of damage from shootings?

Important to go back in time to understand situation

Genocide on this continent - largest in world
Late 1800's 1862 & 1868 Ft Laramie Treaties signed
Huge block of land for "Great Sioux Nation" 
Unceded territory
Pipeline good portion goes through Unceded territory

Cowboy and Indian Alliance

Most of pipeline goes through private land
except where it crosses rivers
Cannonball River crosses Missouri River

Bad Man Provision
if a bad man comes into Indian Territory will be reported to US Government
Corporations named as people
Bad Man Provision of Treaty to ETP

Rerouted from Bismarck 

Ladonna Allard?
Realized pipeline ran through family graves
Grandmother said you will not build this pipeline
Children supported her
SD to NB to deliver her message to ACE (Army Corp of Engineers)
then to WA, DC 

Did Bore Testing 
planned in graveyards
unable to stop bore tests
pile of dirt by graves 
bone shards

This was before Dept of Interior/Obama/ACE stalled process
to do Environmental Impact Study

Declaration identifying sacred sites and graves
Then ETP dug under graves plowing graves
Dogs turned loose on women
One prayed; men on horseback came up behind her

This resulted in Construction being moved back 20 miles
Ceremonies and camps ensued
direct action strategies based on M Luther King, Ghandi
Population has grown 10,000 in 4 camps where rivers come together

Veterans 2100 veterans self-deployed to act as human shields between militarized police
bridge closed emergency vehicles had to drive miles out of way
Decided bridge had to re-open
Police brought out hoses For 7-1/2 hrs stood and refused to leave
rubber bullets, grenades, 
No weakening of will
Why? Been very very hard
nothing left to negotiate
no choice but to stand up

Only 100 yrs of clean water on this planet
Decided they're going to stand up and face this

Community that's built is decolonized indigenous community
with no way to spend money
food and clothing is shared
human beings coming together to do good thing

Layers in this
Things done by police and law enforcement include many 
Human and Civil Rights violations
Law enforcement labels detainees with Permanent markers on arms, they are kept in kennel cages and left until later!

AFSC & tribes asked Dept of Justice to do investigation
Laws changed so phone call or voicemail now counted as a consultation
Obama trying to do education about this

If you visit: 
Two things happen when you come into camp:
no drugs alcohol weapons
behavior during ceremonies that constitutes civil disobedience
coffee and tea over here please sit by fire there are elders who you can consult with
opportunities to work and contribute - and everyone does

It's cold now. Crucial month. 
If you go be very very prepared 
those there have a lot to take care of
Dress warm and make sure you're healthy enough to survive

If you can't go there are still many ways to conribute and support
Elders: Please pray and be in the same space.

Several website links will be on AFSC website:
achedi chacan 
medical healing council

Doctor or nurse or trained medical person way to apply
for a week or two do bkgd check etc
Need Attys barred in ND
National Lawyers Guild right on site

Help with Winterization and to get fresh food

There are 60 people on this call

Deborah NC
Law enforcement agencies closing road so veterans couldn't get through
A: a number of vets are already there
there is a blizzard going on (last night)

Liz Minn
Grateful to hear so much offered
May be some voluntary evacuations by elders and families
A: hovering around 15 F now 60 mph winds

anticipated aggression by police
ongoing issue
before Governor gave executive order it was possible to live in prayer

Pipeline is 1/4 mile from large camp
not too much space btwn where people living

Jan 1st is a deadline for the company
Contracts expire Jan 1st to put pipeline through

How does weather impact construction work?
A: Human beings don't do so well, but those drills four football fields
can go through about anything

Weather might make it hard for people who do the work

Need to put attention on ACE and Obama
If ACE won't issue permit
Obama says they can't 

Laura, Princeton, NJ
FB loaded with posts about SR
Where's Obama? Why isn't he stopping this?

A: No answer. He doesn't talk to me. 
I'm sure they're trying to figure out how to make this stick after power gets transferred in January.

After that, probably not going to find any hope. 

Cape Cod:
Wasn't ACE ordered to stop until new study completed
Since Sept 9th no permit granted
won't be granted until Environmental Impact Study completed

Competing lawsuits
ETP lawsuits

They haven't drilled. They excavate 1-2 feet down for path of pipeline
dig deeper when putting pipeline underground
built drill pad and parts of drill have been delivered

Divestment as resistance, Financial backers for DAPL:
Bank of Norway divested from project after protests
After them, Wells Fargo is No 1 funder
and BOA 

Removing our accounts
Ask them to divest

FB sacred stone camp
Letter from WF that they're offering dialogue
Group went to national headquarters and did ceremony there

Bank of Norway did their own study and then divested

Carla SW Utah:
2nd article lists all financial organizations and contact info

Orientation when they arrive: will it find us? 
Follow flags

Just got back
community meetings 9am in big white dome

Lucy Q: Decolonized community being practiced there - what does that look like?
A: _______? is a way of being in the camp
leadership based on service
Premise of welcome, expectation of how you'll handle yourself
how resources will be accessed
Welcome to take as you need
Deliberateness of doing this within Lakota Culture

going as a Wobenaki woman
Sense of "going home" very emotional very healing
The way we're intended to live with each other and serve each other

There's a little school there
Language immersion and cultural teaching

Lucy: Jaime, thank you so soo much for this testimony 
feel more connected
thanks all who joined us
Will follow up with any who registered for call

Next call Jan 12
Thu 8:30-9:30
Sanctuary Everywhere
tools for undocumented immigrants
for intervening on street
ready when new administration begins

Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:56:53 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
Notes from AFSC Spirited Action Call
Peaceworks Website and AFSC 100th Anniversary Announcements
October 20, 2016
5:30pm pst

Some on call:
Holly Anderson, Ventura
Heather Levine, Berkeley, CA
Emily - AFSC
__? Phil Yrly Mtg
Ginger NJ Doylestown, PA
Social change, justice, service communities & stuff

Tanya overview centennial
Peaceworks storytelling website
Theme of telling our history and future for next 100yrs
There will be Centennial exhibit in Philadelphia
African American Museum
Jan 2017 opens through April
then goes to Greensboro, NC 
fall Guilford College
Building peace prisons

Summit reaching peace for peace & justice
AFSC Current work and vision fwd peace & justice
Academic Symposium Friday George Lakey Erica Chenowitz keynote
open to public
Sat Oscar Aria President of Costa Rica address

Youth convergence
Series of arts & activism performances
More info on website over next 2 mos. 
Events throughout US & World
each area forum election violence immigration political and organized violence
Nairobi July
USA San Diego migration

Series of smaller regional events throughout the world
all planning them now

FGC AFSC plenary and workshops led by AFSC staff afternoon of events
Apr 2017 Friends Journal issue on AFSC

Banner Exhibit

Tony - 
Peaceworks Website section for centennial
to share history and momentum of organization
understand history and how it informs next 100 yrs
Little summaries of the work - "milestones"
japanese internment
against racism & equality

Large picture on left 
middle east peace building
summary and 10 pictures 
individual stories
staff, volunteers, community participants
invite all voices touched by AFSC
single encounter or long term pgms - deep experiences, small stories, dramatic ones

You're encouraged to add your story
200 by end of year
Hope to reconnect people who had one experience but wasn't long standing
afsc alumni - invitation to reconnect with afsc & each other

Reflections - some person who influenced your life
Whatever you'd like to contribute is perfect

Tanya: Tony & I have read all 175 so far stories 
very powerful - feel lucky and deeper context to work I do
At minimum, go on & read them, but we welcome submissions
Family members who've been impacted by organization
interns writing now about what they've been experiencing

Identify your role

Mary Ann Curtis - I was a participant 
Autumn 1970 Dayton OH AFSC office trip to NYC World UN
Apartheid South Africa
Lakin Hospital Emergency Room visit
Bronx street 
Now doctor for drug addicts 

Lloyd Shmoe 
Paris to Warsaw typhus epidemic 
In 1919 Easter morning
passed candy through fence to 7 starving kids despite being told not to by soldiers
Years later, told story in Seattle
Someone came up and said "one of those kids was my grandmother - she told story to me as a kid"

Q: could AFSC send representatives and interview some of our community?
Emily: intern part of her job collecting these stories, and Tony & I would love to do that too.

Two more stories: 
Toshi Salzburg
manzanar internment camp
WWII japanese heritage
1948 trained as nurse
2 year Gaza internship
so many sick people not enough volunteers
Palestinians thought it was temporary
Nurse from N Finland skied to her job
a few years earlier prisoner in camp myself
now helping others in that position

Visiting Baltimore Office
Dominic Stevenson
Dir of AFSC ?? Pgm
MD correctional training center
endless concertina wire encircling prison
Men instrumental in designing the program
All african american men joined them in crafts center
Dominique worked for a while 
What is love? 
Mature love, what you do how you act
willingness to endure, tolerance
service do to something
vulnerable to feel another's hurt
letting others make mistakes and learn from them
eventually guard escorted us out
What about forgiveness? To exile them from their homes and families...

Holocaust Museum 
5 min vignettes videos

What aspect of stories drew you in? 
Humanity, speaking from heart...

Photo, date, setting for time

Goal to provide a capsule
what afsc did for camp survivors
also linked to archive pages to give context for broader world

Some people say "we don't really have a story"
Then focus on particular experience
scope of what they did with afsc 
in particular - details people and places
things that changed, impact
how storyteller affected by the experience
memorable experience or event
person that had an impact
accomplishment or outcome
how long? paragraph to a short page - no limit

How you felt more critical 
brings us together pretty quickly
reflection - moment in a life
afsc experience that opened a doorway into a broader perspective
donors wrote this is why I contribute

Holly from Ventura: 
went to asian jap american museum in LA
anniversary of internment camps
some time before celebration began
forum - honoring quaker people who'd done so much to help Manzanar
older man in audience stood had been prisoner in camp 
quakers brought books - he brought the one he'd been given

Pointers for making good stories very useful - are they going to be made available for people sharing theirs? Would like to see them available 

Holocaust museum file 
hard to locate file
MD archives - 200 pp on my family 
took months or longer to retrieve
leaving Germany, and story about father

Q: Service has dropped out of descriptions vs social justice
A: Haiti, more social justice, teaching people to fish rather than fishing for them
communities in crisis

obituaries in Friends Journal always amazing
Maybe put an ad on obit page encouraging submissions
Tanya: great idea

Speakers for plenary next summer 
Millie Baum
Sandra Tomari Palistinian Quaker

Jap American Museum Apr 2019 host exhibit
Peacework ways to engage around centennial
banner version of exhibit
retractable 8 foot banners
12 in exhibit
immigration prisons etc
very flexible for space don't need all 12 put up
4 copies being made
available resource in next years
web page to request it
lucy or me about it

First day school curriculum
2 versions
around peaceworks oral history
another accompanies peaceworks exhibit

Next month: vision for black lives experts available to discuss

Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:57:13 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
Each call will be held from 8:30-9:30pm ET. You can join by dialing 866-740-1260 and entering access code 2419995#.

February 16: Communities against Islamophobia with Mary Zerkel and Dina El-Rifai

Muslim organizations note that the climate of profiling and suspicion is worse now than it was after 9/11 and that incidents of intimidation, bullying and violence have spiked in recent months. AFSC's Communities Against Islamophobia project aims to develop new allies to those affected by anti-Muslimism in the Trump era. Dina El-Rifai and Mary Zerkel will discuss the ways that the dominant narratives around Muslims/Islam create the environment for personal harm as well as state violence level harm, and ways that allies can work to support the Muslim community.

Arthur Kegerreis

Nov 6, 2018, 10:57:30 PM11/6/18
to Pasadena Social Change Ministry Resource List
Thank you SO much for joining the #SanctuaryEverywhere call in January. It was wonderful to hear your voices and willingness to stand up for immigrants and others targeted by oppression in the coming era of expanded attacks on civil and human rights.

I wanted to send you all a few resources and invite you to our next Call for Spirited Action on resisting Islamophobia.

Here is the Sanctuary Everywhere page with tons of resources on it: 

Here is Lori’s blog post overview of #SanctuaryEverywhere: 

Here is a blog post about Mountain View Meeting taking Ingrid into Sanctuary: 

Here is a poem about #SanctuaryEverywhere: 

Here is a link to the audio recording of the call, feel free to share widely: 

Here is a link to our Bystander intervention page: 

Lastly, love to hear you on our next call on Thursday on countering Islamophobia, find out more and register here: 

Please feel free to connect, ask questions, reach out. We’re excited about the work you are doing, that we are doing together.

Lucy Duncan
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