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Sep 17, 2021, 7:58:29 AM9/17/21
to PartKeepr Users

I am working on some scripts to automatize part generation in Kicad and Partkeepr with minimum user input, especially for simple parts like resistors. I was able to implement most of my targets (automatic part creation, updating part parameters) on my own with the api-docs and the F12 view but I struggle with the attachment upload. 

I try to get to the point where the user can enter an url of an attachment in my script and then the upload and connection to the newly generated part is done like it is if you use the web-interface of partkeepr.

The F12 option does not give me a clear command structure how to deal with urls of images and pdfs to trigger the upload and a view in the API doc showed me no api commands to trigger an upload as well.

Is there a way to upload files via the api I did not see or is it not possible to achieve what I want in this version of Partkeepr?

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