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Christian Wolf

May 25, 2022, 3:53:25 PM5/25/22
to PartKeepr Users
Dear users and contributors of the PartKeepr project,

we, the maintainers of the PartKeepr project, want to contact you in order to
inform you of the latest state and ask for your help by participating in a
survey regarding the current usage of PartKeepr and its user base.

The intial trigger for this message is a question on the issues on GitHub that
posed the question, if and how the project could be revived by reimplementing
the core components in another language. Different options were mentioned and
exchanged. You can read the complete conversation at <
partkeepr/PartKeepr/issues/1239> where it is publicly available. If you want
to participate, you are welcome to do so.

One point became obvious during the discussion: There are quite some
resentments and assumptions involved that need some sort of confirmation. I am
talking about questions related to you as users and administrators of the
PartKeepr software. We do not know much about your knowledge of different
topics and the options that you do have.

Such a reimplementation involves quite some effort. It will take man power and
time. We want to avoid that after such an undertaking, most of our users are
no longer able or willing to use the software. Then, there are two versions
(the current one and the reimplemented one) existing and the size of the user
base per project has even decreased further.

To get an overview of your options as administrators/users of the PartKeepr
project, we prepared a survey. I guess, the survey will take roughly 10 to 15
minutes or a bit more if you write really much in the free-text fields. If you
are managing multiple instances, we would kindly ask you to take the survey
multiple times, once per instance.

The survey can be reached under the following URL:

The questions will cover different topics:

* Telemetry data on the instance like number of users, usage etc
* Possible options regarding future system requirements
* User experience and intended use-case

We will let the survey open until June 26th 2022 for participants unless there
are valid reasons for an extension of the time range. If you find an important
reason to postpone the closing, please contact us.

After the survey has terminated, we will analyze the results and prepare some
sort of summary/statistical result sheet. We will provide this in the GitHub
issue and also on the other channels we ask for help if possible.

Thank you very much for your support and help


Christian Wolf

Jun 4, 2022, 4:26:10 AM6/4/22
Hello mailinglist,

I just wanted to remind you of the outstanding survey. Yet, there are only a
few answers. Please, if you have not yet participated, take the time to do so.

Here is the link once more:

Thank you!

Jun 19, 2022, 12:54:12 PM6/19/22
to PartKeepr Users

I have filled out the survey and would like to thank you for conducting it and for all your efforts to invigorate the PartKeepr project!

It might be a good thing if this project could join one of the open source software foundations that exist to support such work. That is a subject for a separate thread of discussion, which I think is worth having as a community. Personally I am a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), I contribute to Apache Subversion, Apache NuttX (Incubating), and the Incubator, and I am currently the chair of Subversion, so I can provide my thoughts on what it would look like for PartKeepr to become an ASF project. If there is interest, the PartKeepr community can discuss it and decide if that's a good fit. There are also other foundations, with which I do not have any experience, but I would be very glad if anyone knowledgeable about them could discuss them here, so this community can have some choices. Of course, there is always the option to remain totally independent, provided the PartKeepr project has its basic infrastructure needs taken care of in some way or another. Anyway, I am not going to push strongly for this, but am just mentioning it here as food for thought.

Thanks again!

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