Github API limit while composer update?

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Ralph Deffke

Sep 27, 2020, 3:31:13 PM9/27/20
to PartKeepr Users
where to get the required token?

Loading composer repositories with package information
GitHub API limit (0 calls/hr) is exhausted, could not fetch Create a GitHub OAuth token to go over the API rate limit. You can also wait until ? for the rate limit to reset.

Ralph Deffke

Sep 27, 2020, 3:38:29 PM9/27/20
to PartKeepr Users
OK, I thought I have been logged in, but this is the root cause  as Christian just told me " Github places a rate limiting on
the amount of API calls per IP. If you are not logged in, you will have lower
rates which are completely overrun by the vast amount of updates involved when
trying to update. Make an account and register it in composer (google for it)
wiill solve this issue. "

Jojo Alimyon

Nov 29, 2021, 10:58:26 AM11/29/21
to PartKeepr Users
Sad, what is the status now?
Message has been deleted

Christian Wolf

Dec 23, 2021, 10:20:25 AM12/23/21
There is not much to do about it. It is a mere technical problem as we are
handling many dependencies. It might get better if we are more up-to-date but
for now there is no fix in the source code possible.

Anyway, it should only affect administrators or developers.
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