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This is a group for users of PartitionFinder. 

Post anything you like - bugs, problems, questions, suggestions for new features.


Things that help us to help you when posting:

1. Search the group first, in case your question has been asked before.

2. Please read the manual. :)

3. If you post a question, particularly if you're getting an error message or output you don't understand, please provide as a minimum the following information in your post:
  • Your operating system
  • The version of PF that you are using
  • The exact commandline you typed
  • The entire output that you get (you can attach a text file if you like, just copy and paste everything from the terminal)
  • As many additional details as you can think of
  • The output that you get (a separate text file is fine) if you re-run your analysis adding '-v -p 1' at the command line (this runs everything on a single thread and gives us verbose output so we can help you more quickly)