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Mahesh Mahadevan

Dec 11, 2009, 8:42:16 PM12/11/09
Inspired by a friend's status message on Facebook:
A chemistry student in Texas wrongly overestimated the number of bonds in an organic molecule, hence failing a test. He was so embarrassed that his only option was to go South of the border (<-if pun intended, then nsfw). He soon found out that even that was no solace, as there he was called a Texas Cabron.

(PS: I feel that wrongly pentavalent Carbon should be called Starbon)

Abhishek Upadhya

Apr 7, 2010, 3:03:17 AM4/7/10
Kamaal had buckets for hands, the kind that could catch goats.  [ shady commentary reference ]
So much so that people used to shout, " Cabrón, Kamaal catch "



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Abhishek Upadhya
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