**New** Additions On Our Site "Graniteville California" Charming!

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This is a charming little edition on our website and it really is a place that is overlooked because of how isolated it is up here. Its hard to explain but what I can tell you is that it was not an easy trek to get here the place sits high up in the sierras down rugged dirt roads near massive cliffs and canyons.

This rustic gold rush town was one of the earliest placer mining settlements in California and like any town in the wild west it had its fair share of issues such as fires and lawlessness. Most of the town once burnt down so today while there is still much remaining most of it sits back in the woods on private property owned by those who stay up here on the summers and weekends because the snowfall can be nuts in the winter months.

I have much to do today The Paranormal & Ghost Society has our pre season basketball competition today and I also have to see my doctor to get a shot in my knee possibly my shoulder. But its important I play tonight to set the tone for our regular season so ill get on with the update and you guys can just dive right on into it!

You can check out the update at http://paranormalghostsociety.org/GranitevilleCalifornia.htm and of course if you wish to see some of our latest additions you can do so at http://paranormalghostsociety.org/Adventure26.htm that is just a sample we have over 1100 cases just like this one and their is nobody gonna catch me not even those lame ass shows who like to steal locations from me because their to stupid to find their own shit! It has to be said! But I work hard at what I do and I expect nothing in return expect for my followers to learn something and be part of our explorations! So here is what has been added as of this morning hot off the press in our investigation archives within:

Gateway 4 Portal 7

Graniteville California Team Stills
Graniteville California Team Exploration
Graniteville California Cemetery
Graniteville California Notable Interments
Graniteville California Black n Whites
Graniteville California Relics
Graniteville California Scenic
Graniteville California Nature
Graniteville California Tahoe National Forest
Graniteville California Videos
Graniteville California EVP's
Graniteville California Expedition One Report


Paracomedy 2016
I really love this place its very unique and a pretty little town nestled in the Tahoe National Forest. Then again I just love being up in the sierras all the little historic gold mining towns its so serene and great places just to explore things.

Our next addition on our website will be Haskell Peak not far from the Bigfoot Kill Zone. We did our own investigation and found some really strange stuff up there. But I still do not believe the guy who has turned his bullshit story into fame and money claiming he shot a bigfoot near this peak. People do anything in my field for money and attention most of them are fakes!

But Haskell Peak was a beautiful journey and the views here are amazing so your going to see some of my best work with this location trust me! I should have later next week I mean it takes me a long time to do these additions and it only matters if people are viewing them!
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