**NEW** Edition On Our Site "Bowman Lake" It Truly Is Paradise....

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This truly is a remarkable place and one of my more favorite lakes in the high sierras. Its also in the Grouse Ridge area which has an unusually high amount of Bigfoot strangeness more so then almost any other part of California. But it also is a place of paradise full of reptiles, beautiful birds, flowers etc. I love it up here definitely a place worthy of our website all within the Tahoe National Forest.

I am very excited to get this out to all of you while I am struggling to get things added to the website I do add great things which are worth enjoying. I did Bowman Lake a couple years ago but I also visited it recently when I was visiting another lake near it which both trips had some good Bigfoot experiences.

People really don't understand that were more then just a simple paranormal group. We have so many different aspects to what we do and are trying to do. I do not expect others to understand or get it they cant not unless they been following our work for years and actually look at the projects we do.

I wish I had gotten this out a few days ago but honestly I am sick and every time I feel better it comes back a day or two even more harder at me. Yesterday I broke my finger during basketball practice so even typing this is super difficult sighs. But I am here and telling you that you should check this out.

You can do so directly at http://www.paranormalghostsociety.org/BowmanLakeCalifornia.htm or you can check it out reading the epilogue in the investigation archives which you may come across many other great projects we worked on in:

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Paracomedy 2016: New funny bloopers added

You will really like this addition believe me then again all of our additions on our website are like this one just overall great stuff. Our next addition that will come out is the semi ghost town of Graniteville which has a nice cemetery in the woods. So I may or may  not have it out by the end of the week depends on how I feel but it is I can tell you off the bat being worked on as we speak.

Make sure you check out our work regularly we do not operate off of social media so you will never see anything unless you go to our site. That is why we pay for the site and have it to host our work give our viewers something extra. Have a great evening!
Lord Rick
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