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Let me take the time to announce this special addition on our site on this lovely Friday evening. I get excited when I can add locations that we have explored, investigated and done research at onto our site. Its the entire point of what we do here so please try to look for these additions and announcements.

St. Stephens Cemetery is the Catholic parish of Drytown which is btw one of the counties oldest towns. Today its a semi ghost town but in 1848 Dry Creek was mined for its gold so it sprung up as a tent camp which in turn grew into the town it is today. It was a place of fires, tragedies, robberies, epidemics etc.

These gates greet you before you climb up the hill where there are ruins of an old church with the graveyard behind it. Its a pretty cool place and I had a cookout back here a couple years ago for Fathers Day. It served the Catholic Miners an settlers who came here seeking prosperity.

If you would like to see this addition directly you can do so on our site at this link http://paranormalghostsociety.org/StStephensHistoricDrytownCemetery.htm or if you want to read the epilogue and go into the archives you will find this case along with many others at:

Gateway 4/Portal 27

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The next addition which will come out next week onto our site will be Drytown itself its a great semi ghost town lots of relics of the past, old structures, nature etc. When I give my viewers a place I give them something they can chew on and enjoy for years to come. These little gold rush cemeteries are really gems when the fires came they took almost everything but not quite which is why we explore what we can so we can bring others what is left of the wild west like the cemeteries and these ghost towns.

Anyhow hope everyone has a great weekend and you enjoy this nice little edition. Peace,
Lord Rick
PGS Founder

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