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This addition will complete our gold country adventure add-ons for awhile but ill have more coming in the future. But for now please enjoy Drytown which lives up to its wild west expectations. The town site would be discovered in 1848 just a short time after gold was discovered in California.

By the 1850's this place was booming with butcher shops, stores, houses, mills, post office, mines, stables, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, cemeteries and much more. Problem was fires plagued the town and it was very lawless. It also is the site of the famous Rancheria Massacre were six people were slaughtered. Hell one guy had his legs chopped off which led to an uprising where many Mexican residents were hung that were not even involved.

The gold is long gone and the town is no longer as large as it use to be. But downtown is quaint, restored and full of natural beauty. Its important town to add to our website I mean this is a true wild western town. Places like these is what defined and helped shape the west in what it is today. Gold Country is full of small towns just like this one which all experienced love and loss its actually very amazing.

What is more amazing is how well preserved Drytown is and rich the history is. Today though its less of a town and more like an antique shop community. But back in the day this was a full fledged community it had big mills and stage coaches etc. The only thing that saved it is the construction of highway 49 which today goes through town or rather Main Street.

If you want to check it out you can do so directly at http://paranormalghostsociety.org/DrytownCalifornia.htm or if you wish to go through the epilogue and browse or rather find it in the archives you can do so in:

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Our next addition on our site is going to be simply awesome it will be from a place I journeyed at called Lakes Basin which is full of scenic beauty, lakes, nature etc. I have a bunch of bigfoot cases coming out the next few weeks from locations I camped and did research at high up in the Sierras. So now were going to change it up and go from ghost towns to scenic wonders its all very exciting to share my work with you all. But my work does no good if there are no folks looking at it and learning so please check it out never let these additions on our site go to waste I work hard and bust my ass getting this to all of you. Peace,
Lord Rick
PGS Founder
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