**NEW** Edition On Our Website "Summit Valley & Lake Van Noden" Emigrant Expedition

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I know its been awhile since I have added anything on our site and I hope to change that. I do hundreds of paranormal investigations and explorations. But their is only one of me therefore if you want quality it takes time to add something like this and well I spent a good amount of time on this new addition.

Summit Valley is a gorgeous scenic locations full of nature, bird life, butterflies, historic sites, adventure and so much more. The first transcontinental highway and railroad skirt the outer edge of the lake which by way is vanishing. Back in the day as many as a 100 wagons a day would be on the Donner Dutch Flat Wagon road. When the hotels, homesteads, stores etc were abandoned the Basque Farmers came in to graze their flock.

This was a good quality expedition which we busted ass on people have no idea the work that goes into something like this. Everyone with there little paranormal groups operating off of facebook and lack of effort will one day make me turn over in my grave when I am dead. But that is not us we add good locations on our site and we post great photography with everything that comes with it including rich history.

Here is the thing most of you met me through my paranormal group but very few of you actually look at the work being done. Some of you have known me two decades then you act surprised that I have a youtube or a website which I take offense to. Because most people should know this if they were actually looking at my posts, videos, website updates/editions etc...My group is NOT based on fb on facebook I might throw our members a few photos so others can see were active but 80 percent of our work can ONLY be seen on our site.

With that being said I have thousands of videos, photos, EVP, apparition pictures, UFOs etc coming trust me because as a paranormal investigator I am up there on top and have done ALLOT of work these past two decades enough where I could retire tomorrow and still be offered TV shows. I am no major website designer but our site is for one thing to add history, pictures, evidence, adventures etc onto it so you guys can look forward to these editions so do not shun or ignore it. Embrace it, enjoy it and learn a little something! This was from July of 2016 yeah I am a few years behind everyone like I said I do ALLOT of locations!

The following has been added and you can see it directly at http://paranormalghostsociety.org/SummitValleyandLakeVanNorden.htm and here is what has been added as of this Friday Evening and where you can find it if you choose to find it manually or again if you prefer you can just hit the link.

Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Prologue Page
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Team Stills
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Team Explore
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden 4th Of July 2016
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Sheep Pens
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Scenic
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Donner Dutch Flat
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Nature
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Dam
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Castle Creek Bridge
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Wallace Homestead
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Tahoe National Forest
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Movies
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden EVP's
Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden Expedition 1 Report and Evidence

Our next edition will be from a place called Bowman Lake funny thing is I was just there a few months ago when my vehicle overheated due to a hose going out. But this edition will be very special to because it was a major bigfoot expedition where we camped, rock climbed, hiked, explored etc its a very unique remote place. I need to start getting this stuff out so id say it will take me about a week to get this place on our site so Monday ill start for now I am enjoying my weekend before I have to really crack the whip.

I feel sad I have not added nothing on our site in two months because others really do not care but I have stronger worth ethics and I do not half ass my paranormal work. I bust ass because when I die I can leave knowledge with others hard to obtain knowledge and well some might learn something but when people live on facebook and social media they short themselves great research done by others who might have actual sites or content elsewhere.

Summit Valley is a special place you will see a UFO I photographed and hear a possible bigfoot vocalization. So we did get a few things up here but with hard work nothing comes easy every place is a project and sometimes it takes me a couple weeks to get stuff like this onto the site because I have to do research, interviews, make the buttons, program the html etc its VERY time consuming and when folks do not even give you much of the time of day or snub you it can be disheartening to a point that I nearly almost deleted my site, facebook etc recently because we just do not get the credit we deserve. If its not jack asses on TV its haters online all for strangers you try to give something for free to therefore its very discouraging. With that being said you are welcome to enjoy it and we hope you do!

I wish I did not have the health issues I do its getting harder to do anything anymore trust me which is why the past couple years I struggle to get anything out there because I simply do not feel goo and have to many things wrong which puts a damper on being able to sit at a desk 40 hours a week to add case files, research etc but I am trying and ill keep trying its all any of us can do!
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