**NEW** Addition On Our Site: "Lakes Basin California & Frazier Falls" Stunning!

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**NEW** Addition On Our Site: "Lakes Basin California & Frazier Falls" Stunning!

This truly is a stunning addition on our site worth checking out. I know I have not added much of my work lately but things are starting to smooth out and ill now have more time to add places like these to the site plus some. The Lakes Basin is home to over 50 lakes, 100 miles in mines, bigfoot sightings and of course the famous sierra snowcapped buttes.

It gives me great joy to get this live on the website it really does because its been awhile. I have so much to add and never enough time so I make it a big deal when projects like this go LIVE for the public to enjoy. After releasing this to the public its all the more reason for us to go back to camp, fish and further our research in the area.

Much work needs to be done I have many more lakes some not on trails and a camping trip planned next year up here down this really rugged jeep road. One thing at a time though so feel free to see the addition directly at http://paranormalghostsociety.org/LakesBasinCalifornia.htm or if you would like to go through the archives so you can find this research case and others you can do so at:

Gateway 4/Portal 27

Lakes Basin California Prologue
Lakes Basin California Team Stills
Lakes Basin California Team Explore
Lakes Basin California Plumas National Forest
Lakes Basin California Elwell Lakes Lodge
Lakes Basin California Petroglyph Site
Lakes Basin California Nature Gallery
Lakes Basin California Scenic Gallery
Lakes Basin California Frazier Creek & Falls
Lakes Basin California Gold Lake
Lakes Basin California Long Lake
Lakes Basin California Silver Lake
Lakes Basin California Round Lake
Lakes Basin California Cub Lake
Lakes Basin California Little Bear Lake
Lakes Basin California Big Bear Lake
Lakes Basin California Videos
Lakes Basin California Expedition 1


Paracomedy 2016: More bloopers added

This is really a stunning addition and this backyard is my second home. I cant wait to get back up here again to bring you more locations. You could spend a lifetime exploring this place and probably not see it all. The only way any of you will ever see my adventures is through my website NO not through facebook just bare that in mind. I pay and I operate my site to host my pictures and adventures so its there for you to enjoy. I love the Plumas National Forest oh man its a lost paradise up there!

The next adventure ill add is a place called Summit Valley its a bit different of course then the Lakes Basin but it is a historical and beautiful place. So much more to come the work I do is constantly ongoing my friends so for now take a time out to enjoy this newest addition. Peace,
Lord Rick
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