The truth is out there: FBI releases its file on Bigfoot

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Jun 5, 2019, 6:48:11 PM6/5/19
This just further proves the existence that these creatures are real and they do roam the Pacific Northwest as well s other parts of the world. I been working with this creature for many years. Hell just the other day when we were doing that television pilot I came across massive strides and tracks in a remote part of the mountains. The real deal not this fake finding Bigfoot shit and I am telling you whatever this thing is its 110 percent real. The reason the government keeps a down low on this type of creature is because it would cause panic folks would not go camping or they would try to hunt it down. Yes some Bigfoot are dangerous they are primitive and they do often have young with them so I get it. But this news today brought some light into my eyes as I just got out of oral surgery so to read this was a big wow!

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