What is the Best way to Subtract Multiple Times from Existing Path Item.

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shishir raven

Mar 4, 2021, 2:07:11 PMMar 4
to Paper.js

A = Path (Existing)
B, C are Paths which I want to subtract from A. 

When I subtract A-B it results in the Path but it gets inserted into the Canvas. 
Then I have to call remove A and insert the resulting Path Again. 
Something Like as shown Below. 

var newCounter = counter.subtract(drawCutouts.children[0]);

But I have to actually subtract Multiple Items. 
And I don't want Loop this Remove and Add Cycle. 

Is there any elegant way to do this. Such that I can subtract from the  Current Path. 
And also I don't have to add and remove multiple times. 



Mar 5, 2021, 1:16:52 AMMar 5
to pap...@googlegroups.com

You can set the boolean operation option `insert` to false to avoid the result from being inserted in the scene graph.
Then, you can chain your calls like shown in this sketch.

const circle1 = new Path.Circle({
    center: view.center,
    radius: 50,
    strokeColor: 'orange'
const circle2 = circle1.clone().translate(10, 50);
const circle3 = circle1.clone().translate(50, 10);

const subtraction = circle1
    .subtract(circle2, { insert: false })
    .subtract(circle3, { insert: false });
subtraction.selected = true;


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    Samuel ASENSI

shishir raven

Mar 8, 2021, 10:29:29 AMMar 8
to pap...@googlegroups.com
Thanks Samuel for pointing me in the right direction. 

Really appreciate that you took time to help me out.👍👍

One small issue was that I cannot chain as the paths I want to subtract are in an Array. 

And so how to chain it is kind of difficult as Array has dynamic number of elements. 

Was hoping if there was something that would subtract and mutate the element itself rather than returning the result. 

But none the less, I learned how to insert back the item when insert = false.

Thanks once again for your help,

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