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Thomas Sharpless

Nov 20, 2011, 9:41:55 PM11/20/11
to, Hubert Pawlowski
Hello Hubert

Panini-Pro beta does not allow to adjust the output image size directly, it always gives approximately the same pixel resolution as the source image -- as loaded into the GPU.   If the source is larger than a preset limit, Panini reduces it to meet the limit.   Unfortunately setting the limit can't easily be automated through OpenGL, and I have to set the initial limit quite small so that it will work on many computers.  So you should definitely begin by setting the limit to match your hardware's ability (click ? then "tune image size limits" and follow the directions).   If your graphics card has 1GB of video RAM, 70-80 Mpix should be feasible, corresponding to a cube face width of 3300 - 3400 pixels.

When Panini loads the equirectangular image, how may MPix does it report?  It should say 49.6 MPix, the full size of your image.  If less, try adjusting the limit upward.

BTW the PTGui image is too big.  I estimate that the part you are printing is about 1/3 of the area of the sphere, so would be on the order of 16 MPix at original resolution.  PTG's 53.5 MPix image thus represents considerable 'empty magnificaton'.

Please let me know, so I will be able to understand clearly....
-- What is your computer and graphics card?
-- Are you using Panini-Pro version beta5?
And please be so kind as to address your reply to the Panini support list, (to which I have forwarded this exchange).

Best, Tom

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 5:39 PM, Hubert Pawlowski <> wrote:
Le 20/11/11 01:52, Thomas Sharpless a écrit :
Hello Hubert,

Thanks for your inquiry about Panini.  There is in fact a new version, Panini-Pro, designed for professional use.  With a strong, modern graphics card ( OpenGL 2+, DirectX 11, 1GB+ video RAM) it can render full resolution views from  source images of 80 MPix.  It has many other improvements including a universal lens model that can closely match any lens, so it is ideal for "de-fishing" and adjusting perspective of photos as well as panos.  

Please try the free beta test version at, and let us know how it works for you.

Kind regards, 

Hi Thomas,

The picture saved with your player is 3 x smaller than the same picture made with PTGui. The test I made is here :

Perhaps, I don't know how to change the dimensions ? Perhaps you have imposed some justified restrictions?

I know that the flying paramotor is not a good exemple to test your player. Normally, I shall use Panini projection for architectural landscapes. Here are some examples:

This time, I had to produce a poster of a new parapente model. Your player has a lot of possibilities, and let to adjust the proportions of the image with a great “finesse”.

The wing is the main subject of this poster. I need to print it as big as possible. What a pity that the picture done with Panini player is not big enough.

Best regards,

Hubert Pawlowski photographe-panoramiste
tél.0450109231, mob.0607575372

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