Panini-Video first test release

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Tom Sharpless

Oct 25, 2012, 1:30:24 PM10/25/12
You can download an alpha test version of the new Panini-Video [here].  For Win32 now, for OSX soon.

Panini-Video opens up a whole new range of ultra-wide and hyper-wide views for videographers, by converting fish-eye video to natural looking perspective.  It works file-to-file at high speed and with good image fidelity, because it processes images on the gpu in their native yuv color coding. It has a new universal lens correction model that can be adjusted quite nicely by eye.  Projection controls include horizontal compresssion, vertical 'squeeze', aspect ratio, zoom, and horizontal and vertical shifts, all adjustable interactively even while video is playing. Plus controls to correct the perspective effects of camera roll, pitch and yaw up to +/- 15 degrees.  Reads a wide variety of video file formats automatically; writes easy to edit mpeg2-compressed .mp4 files.

Harry van der Wolf

Oct 31, 2012, 2:05:06 PM10/31/12
Hi Tom,

I was on holiday when I saw this mail.
I do not understand if you want me to build "something". Please let me know if you expect something from me.


2012/10/25 Tom Sharpless <>

Thomas Sharpless

Oct 31, 2012, 3:06:36 PM10/31/12
Hi Harry

I am trying to build the Mac version myself (my wife has kindly let me use her new MacBook Pro, in return for more diligent household services).  But it looks like it will not be easy.  Not for the reason I was expecting -- problems building/linking the ffmpeg libraries -- no trouble with that.

The problem is that I have written all the OpenGL code to version 3.2 standard, relying on Apple's claim that OSX 10.7+ supports that.  But now that I have built Panini-Video on 10.7.5 I find that Qt can only deliver the old OGL 2.1 driver context (and I would not be surprised if it was a s/w implementation)!  There is no doubt some way around this, however I have found no public information as to how to do it, and expect it will not be quick.

The more I try to use OpenGL on Mac, the more I hate Apple.  They are worse than Microsoft at making you jump through proprietary hoops to access 'open' facilities, and evidently don't really think OpenGL should be 'open' -- or even implemented correctly (see my old flames about large cubic textures crashing OS X before 10.5).

On the plus side, the current Qt SDK knows how to build mac bundles without resort to xcode.

So just wish me luck.

Best, Tom
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