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This is the primary technical support  and discussion site for Panini photo and video software
  • Panini version 0.71, no longer actively developed but recently rebuilt for newer video cards
  • Panini-Pro, a grown-up, closed-source version of Panini, stuck in beta since fall 2011.
  • Panini-Video, the first of a new series of targeted Panini apps, available for test since Oct 25 2012
  • Panini-Photo, the second new targeted app, should be released in early 2013
  • P-V-Stitch, a fast video stitcher for spherical camera arrays, due 1st quarter 2013
  • Panini-Pano, the full resolution successor to Panini-Pro, should debut in 3rd quarter 2013

All these programs use the Panini projection, a wide-angle alternative to rectilinear perspective.