ANN: pandoc 2.19

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John MacFarlane

Aug 4, 2022, 3:01:39 AM8/4/22

I'm pleased to announce the release of pandoc 2.19,
available in the usual places:

Binary packages & changelog:

Source & API documentation:

Some notable changes:

* New --embed-resources flag, which does not imply --standalone.
--self-contained is now deprecated in favor of --embed-resources --standalone.

* Custom Lua readers and writers are now sought in the readers and writers
subdirectories of the user data directory, if not found in the working

* New input format 'tsv' (tab-separated values).

* RST, Org-mode, and Markdown readers now support row and colspans
in grid tables. (The corresponding writers do not yet support
these features.)

* EPUBv3, which previously always used MathML to render math, now
allows a choice of math methods, just like EPUBv2. (If you've
been relying on the default of producing MathML and want that
to continue, you should now add --mathml to your command line.)

* Environment variable interpolation now works in highlight-style
and pdf-engine fields in defaults files.

API changes:

* Text.Pandoc.Readers.CSV now exports `readTSV`.

* Text.Pandoc.Class: add new function findFileWithDataFallback.

* Text.Pandoc.Shared: add new function formatCode.

* Text.Pandoc.Parsing: Remove boolean parameter from gridTableWith' and
gridTableWith. We now always handle a table head if present.

For a full accounting of the many changes and bug fixes in this
release, see the changelog.

Thanks to all who contributed, including Albert Krewinkel, Brian
Leung, Frerich Raabe, John Muccigrosso, Naveen, and new
contributors Amir Dekel, Bastien Dumont, Benjamin Wuethrich,
Castedo Ellerman, Cezary Drożak, Elliot Bobrow, Gabriel
Lewertowski, Georgi Lyubenov, Hos Es, Ivan Panchenko, Jaehwang
Jung, Masataka Ogawa, Sukil Etxenike, Sukka, Wentao Han, YI, and

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