ANN: pandoc 2.14.2

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John MacFarlane

Aug 21, 2021, 12:57:36 PM8/21/21

I'm pleased to announce the release of pandoc 2.14.2,
available in the usual places:

Binary packages & changelog:

Source & API documentation:

In addition to a bunch of under-the-hood improvements
and bug fixes, there are some new features:

* pandoc now supports RTF as an input format (RTF output has
been supported for a long time)

* --slide-level can now be set to 0. In this case headings won't
be used at all in splitting the document into slides: all slide
boundaries must be marked with horizontal rules.

* A new markdown extension short_supsuperscripts has been added; it
modifies the behavior of subscript and superscript, allowing
them to end with a space character as in multimarkdown. This
improves support for multimarkdown.

* The docx writer is now sensitive to the native_numbering extension
(in the same way as the ODT writer). Figure and table numbers are
only included if native_numbering is enabled (the default is
disabled). This is a behavior change with respect to 2.14.1, but the
default behavior is now that of previous versions. The
change was necessary to avoid incompatibilities between
pandoc's native numbering and third-party cross reference
filters like pandoc-crossref.

* --citeproc now hyperlinks the title of a bibliography entry
(or the whole entry, if no title is present) if the bibliographic
data contains a DOI, PMID, PMCID, or URL but this is not explicitly
rendered by the style. Rendered DOI, PMID, PMCID, and URL
fields are hyperlinked as they were before. This follows a
recomendation from the draft CSL v1.0.2 spec (Appendix VI). You
can disable all hyperlinking in the bibliography by setting
`link-bibliography: false` in the metadata.

API changes:

* New module Text.Pandoc.Readers.RTF, exporting readRTF.
* Text.Pandoc.Logging: Add PowerpointTemplateWarning constructor
to LogMessage.
* Text.Pandoc.Extension: add Ext_short_subsuperscripts constructor
to Extension.

See the changelog for full details.

Thanks to Emily Bourke and new contributors Benjamin Bray, OCzarnecki,
Peter Fabinksi, Veratyr, William Lupton, and mt_caret.
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