ANN: pandoc 2.17.1

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John MacFarlane

Jan 30, 2022, 3:58:02 PM1/30/22

I'm pleased to announce the release of pandoc 2.17.1,
available in the usual places:

Binary packages & changelog:

Source & API documentation:

This release brings a number of bug fixes and small improvements.
Of special note:

* pagedjs-cli may now be used as a --pdf-engine
* Text.Pandoc.Class now exports readMetadataFile [API change]
* Text.Pnadoc.Error now exports the PandocColudNotFindMetadataFileError
constructor for PandocError [API change]

Thanks to all who contributed, including Albert Krewinkel (who
made extensive improvements to the Lua subsystem), Michael Hoffmann,
Nikolai Korobeinikov, ricnorr, Even Brenden, Mauro Bieg, Benson Muite,
and Carsten Allefeld.
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