'77 Panasonic Pro

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Joe Bunik

Jul 16, 2010, 2:23:44 PM7/16/10
to panasonic...@googlegroups.com
Thought I'd share these with you, my long-dormant Panasonic Pro frame
rides again!


This came unto me as bare frame/fork/headset, stripped of its flaking
paint. A distinct lack of braze-ons betrays its heritage as a racer.
Inspired by many a vintage "French" custom bike, it seems I've been
knowingly and unknowingly hoarding misc. bits for just this project
for years now. Woo hoo!

Did 35 miles this morning in the hills around here, and it rides and
climbs quite nice.

=- Joe Bunik
Walnut Creek, CA

Zac Copeland

Jul 17, 2010, 12:11:02 AM7/17/10
to panasonic...@googlegroups.com
Hi Joe,
Oohh Nice frame. I can see why you kept it and also why you converted it.
Glad to see Paselas. Its does seem odd today how pieces were external to the frame,
but I bet the frame builders loved it. Makes sense really when I think about it, nice to be able
to swap a rusting part before it goes into the tubes.
As I understand it, the Japanese put tributes into some of the older frames that were
copied from legendary brands. I was talking with a expert in
the culture, and he said they have these tributes not to copy, but out of respect
for tradition and the design.
I suspect the reason you made this a rando style bike is the relaxed angles and
lower ride height and 27in wheel clearance. Nice pic on rims, looks like Open 4? Great rims.
 This older relaxed classic angled setup always seemed to me to be the best.
Later we see bikes getting real tall and real tight, which looks fast, but looks and
function are not always the same thing.
Ill forgive the French parts if you forgive me for saying so! Bob, who writes funny
will approve though, but you just have to understand what he writes.
Nice work. Bet it does ride nice and is "sleeper" fast. Good for you. 35 in hills, not bad either!
In that spirit, I will have to post my new but old old panasonic, in a few days time-Im
real proud parent/caretaker of a 1970 Panni now.


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Paul Rodriguez

Aug 3, 2010, 10:23:40 PM8/3/10
to Panasonic Bicycles
That bike is absolutely beautiful. Great work! I love the brooks seat
an the polished steel. Was it originally painted and you buffed it to
the steel or was it originally like that? I would love to do something
like that on mine. Also, the grip tape would be so much cooler if you
replaced it with the brooks leather wraps. It would match the seat
better too!

Nice Job!
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