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Raymond See

Jul 13, 2010, 11:21:24 AM7/13/10
to Panasonic Bicycles
dear friends,

i was inspecting some of my works (stainless steel works) in dagupan
200kms from manila philippines over the weekend. i did bring my bike
since dagupan..thats cycling territory..

Beautiful roads, beautiful views.

I was riding with my friend dondie (300kms in 3 days)

One day he punctured..and i helped him replace that punctured inner
tube. what do you know...he rides PANASONIC panaracer duro..with
PANASONIC written on it...i guess they still producing panasonics >
made in taiwan? i never got to check his tires completely....he sped
off fast and i had hard time keeping up with him :o)


the photo in the FILES section under panasonic panaracer

Zac Copeland

Jul 13, 2010, 12:25:22 PM7/13/10
Well Panasonic is Panaracer and they have been making tubulars and clinchers
going at least back to the 70's. Probably the finest touring, city, comfort tire made
is made in Japan by Panaracer, and it is called the Pasela. Panaracer made fast
nylon tires and used advanced belts and casing structures that could take super high
tire pressure.
Some Panaracer low end tires are not make in Japan, like the Trainer Tubular
tire, but the good ones, including the $18 Pasela Wire Bead which is spectacular, are made
in Osaka.
CyclePro tires were also Panaracer, and such exotic as the super expensive Gran Bois are
simply Panaracer.
The most notable thing about Panaracer tires, along with the advanced tubular tire glue they
invented, is the worlds first And only production Radial ply construction tire.
This 1981 invention of a totally different type of tire from anything on the market then and now,is a quantum step that
was so far ahead of its time. We are just starting to see radials being experiemented with now by other
manufactures-Of course I own a pair, and they are the future of tires. While often people think of the
Japanese as a people who imitate and improve on designs,
in both cases the products of Panasonic/Matsu/National/Panaracer have always been cutting edge
and quantum steps. Panaracer tires, particularly the Pasela and the Radials, are the best
tires in the world for price and quality.
If you own a panasonic, or want a tire that is excellent, try a Pasela Wire Bead, non belted tire.
They come in 25c widths all the way to 37c i believe. They also come in 27 inch rim sizes and smaller 650b.
Rivendell tires are Panaracer too by the way.
Yep I am a tire geek also, and have owned and used most all of them. A simple $18 retail Pasela in wire
can ride with most pro tires that cost 3-4x more, yet do things they cannot.
Thats the tire rant.

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