First time Bike Tour -- Colombia, Ecuador, and beyond

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Casey McLellan

Dec 2, 2015, 4:01:04 PM12/2/15
to PanAm Riders
Hello everyone! 

I just wanted to introduce myself to all the members of the group. My name is Casey, from Boise, Idaho, and I am traveling with two friends, Sam (SLC, UT) and Caitlin (Chicago). We are beginning our adventures this upcoming Saturday and are excited to finally get underway. All the months of planning, reading, and preparing our trusty steeds will finally be put to work! I spent a month in Colombia last April and found it to be a lovely country (hence, my return). I did the backpacker thing staying in hostels, hotels, etc. so this will be a whole new experience. I feel Colombia is quite safe but I know there are areas to avoid. We want to see as much as we can and were curious if anyone had advice on areas to avoid for safety concerns (FARC,ELN, etc)? Appreciate the help and happy riding out there!

Casey, Sam, and Caitlin

the 龙

Dec 2, 2015, 4:03:59 PM12/2/15
to, axel nitschke, Sunny Tattersall
Casey 'at bat.'
Contact Axel for Colombia, he lives there.
Sunny, who cycled all the way to Bolivia from the U.S.
in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Open the doors of perception!
Awaken the Nous!
Allow the Pneuma to enter you!
'For those who have an open mind, let them pursue!'

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Fiona Sheil

Dec 31, 2015, 2:58:43 AM12/31/15
to PanAm Riders
Hope you have a lovely time! Realistically, the violence is pushed into places you cannot reach by bike - deep into the jungle. There a couple of areas to be more cautious of (Choco; the Venezualan border near Ocana) but it doesn't at all mean you can't go to those areas - just ask the locals as you move through. So you'll be fine. In South America people tell you if stuff is dangerous, so the best information always comes from asking people as you move through areas, and also reading cyclists' blogs to see areas that are bad for cyclists (like the northern coast of Peru - which is the most dangerous part of the whole trip). 

Have a great time. Don't worry.

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