Attempted robbery in Timbio, Colombia

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Matthew Hopkins

Jun 30, 2015, 3:20:39 PM6/30/15
This afternoon 30/06/2015, Max Fillion was attacked in broad daylight about 2 kms south of Timbio, Colombia. While climbing a small hill, two guys on the roadside jumped him and pulled a pistol on him. He swerved across the (fortunately) empty road to avoid them but cut his leg on his chainrings as he jumped off his bike. Max managed to punch them twice then ran back down the road while the guys began going through his handlebar bag. By this point 2 motorcycles had arrived and began chasing the guys across a field. Max was travelling with me (Matthew Hopkins) and Devora. We witnessed everything but were too far behind to get there quick enough. The locals rallied round and we are now in a private house nursing Maxs leg. They tell us attacks are unheard of in this region.
The guys finally stole 1 inner tube!

For any cyclists in the area, beware. We think this was an opportunist attack but proves you have to keep your guard up. Stay safe out there!!
P.s The local police were called but did not respond at all.


Jun 30, 2015, 7:35:57 PM6/30/15
Thx Matthew, best wishes for your friend. be safe.

Paul Gareau

Jun 30, 2015, 7:43:40 PM6/30/15
to PanAm Riders
Thanks for the report, Matt. I hope other people will share details if something like this happens to them. It's not the kind of thing anyone wants to think or read about, but it's good for everyone to know which places deserve some extra caution.

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Matthew Hopkins

Jun 30, 2015, 8:09:09 PM6/30/15

Yes. It's unfortunate but Max is OK. However he will have a fairly big scar from the chainrings. There is more pain in his bruised calf muscle than from the cut. The locals have been fantastic and insist the thugs are not locals as " they would get lynched " if anyone finds out who did it! 
Justice can sort itself out as the Police have not responded at all. We will hopefully move on tomorrow.

Matthew Hopkins

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