Three small ML utils for unexpanded PAL-1

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D Hassler

Sep 21, 2022, 9:01:16 PM9/21/22
to PAL 6502 computer
Hi Folks.  I'm also dipping my toe into the 6502 assembly language programming pool.  I've made two little programs that may prove useful to those without RAM expansion: a memory dump with both hex and ASCII output, plus a little register printer.  These can be improved upon, no doubt, but you may find them useful anyways.  I figure, you're not going to assemble code on the PAL (I don't), but having live diagnostics in memory helps a lot.

Best, I got the original Baum/Wozniak 6502 disassembler working with the PAL-1. I figured out the destructive nature of the KIM ROM's output routines to the A and Y registers by studying how Jim McClanahan ported eWozMon, so thanks, Jim!  It made all the difference to helping me understand what's going on.  And having Steve and Allen's commented source code was an education in and of itself. I put a copy of the original Dr. Dobb's Journal article on my github site, in the Utilities folder:

Anyway, thanks for all the support and fun -- let the journey continue!

Kaveen R

Sep 21, 2022, 10:37:39 PM9/21/22
to PAL 6502 computer
Pretty cool utils Dave!

I've been blown away by the source of JMON even though I haven't tried it yet.
Looks like you're aiming for something similar, Jmon's source code has helped me a couple of times as well


Hans Otten

Sep 22, 2022, 2:57:05 AM9/22/22
to PAL 6502 computer
Ah, the Woz disassembler. One of my favorites in 1979 on my KIM-1.  
Thanks for the source version in modern assembler.

I have made a version of the Woz/Baum disaasmbler for the KIM-1  in 1980 that printed the disassembly, source in Micro Ade format here:  KIM-1 Software – Retro Computing (
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