Oldest file typed in myself still on my disk.

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Hans Otten

Nov 30, 2023, 5:54:47 AM11/30/23
to PAL 6502 computer
I was wondering what the oldest  computer file,  typed in myself  on my disk is.
Of course that had to be a KIM-1 related file. Around 1977 I started to write code for the KIM-1 and loaded/saved on audio cassettes. In 2004 I dumped all my KIM-1 audio files to wave files, and converted those to binaries and extracted assembler sources. The origin of Tiny Basic, Microsoft Basic KB9, Microchess, MICRO ADE, Focal  we nowadays can use on the PAL-1.

So i looked at my audio cassette files and it has to be a small Basic program, an attempt to  do a readme file. Clearly 1978, MS BASIC. Of course no time stamp, and the file name is 01.

The oldest file, but printed on paper,  typed in by me on a computerare the Pascal programs I wrote around  1977, on a Unix System 6 PDP-11/45 at university.
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