Go America Go, Stop Terrorism, Leave Us Alone

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Oct 24, 2009, 7:21:05 AM10/24/09
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The Jamaat Islami, one of the largest organized political parties in Pakistan, launched an effort on Oct. 23, 2009, to mobilize Pakistanis against the increasing foreign intervention in their country from Afghanistan. Here is Jamaat’s press statement and attached is a presentation on this effort. See Attachment:

LAHORE, Oct. 23: The Peoples Referendum organized by the Jamaat e Islami on the Kerry Lugar Bill was completed peacefully all over the country on Friday. People from all over the country poured out in large numbers to express their opinion on the controversial bill, the policies of the rulers, the establishment of a US cantonment at the US embassy in Islamabad, and the military operation going in the northern areas. Thousands of womenfolk also cast their vote in the referendum. Large number of men and women also expressed their opinion through SMS and website of the Jamaat. Addressing a big Go America Go rally in the Punjab capital after Juma prayers, JI chief Syed Munawar Hasan, said that the country was being driven to civil war and indications of military operation in Muridkey and Quetta were also being given after Waziristan operation. He demanded of the army chief to inform the nation in what way was the army fulfilling its motto of Eeman, Taqwa and Jehad by fighting against its own people. The army chief should also clarify to the nation that many of those involved in suicide bombing in different parts of the country had been found non Muslims, he said.. ANNOUNCING THAT THE JI WOULD OBSERVE BLACK DAY AND YOME JEHAD AGAINST INDIA, SYED MUNAWAR HASAN SAID :”WE ARE THE FOLLLOWERS OF THE HOLY PROPEHT ( BUH) WHO HAS TAUGHT LESSON OF JEHAD AND MARTYRDOM. WITH THIS SPIRIT, THE PAKISTANI NATION CAN EFFECTIVELY FACE THE US AND THE WESTERN IMPRALISM, HE SAID. REJECTING THE US AID UNDER THE KLB, HE SAID, THE NATION WAS PREPARED TO MAKE EVERY SACRIFICE IN ORDER TO STEER THE COUNTRY OUT OF FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY, AND WOULD NOT ACCEPT FOREIGN AID WITH SUCH SHMEFUL CONDITIONALITIES.


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