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Welcome to Pak NGOs Google Group

Dear Visitor,

Pak NGO is a Google group serving the development sector since 2009 as a platform for information dissemination. Many senior level staff members of national and international organizations working in Pakistan have joined this group.

Members can share information about events, jobs, funding opportunities, their thoughts on various issues faced by NGOs, and links on relevant reading material/information.

It is a strictly moderated group; useless or unnecessary messages are not allowed to pass through to the members. For responses, members are encouraged to respond to the person who posted the message, instead of posting it to the entire group.

This is the reason why this group is successfully running for 10 years, and now we have moved to the next level, and have created an online portal ( You are welcome to the group, and encouraged to share important information. If you want to unsubscribe, please write to us immediately at  

Thank you

Team – Pak NGOs